Join Tape B in a journey back in time, where he revisits the distinctive sound of the 2010-era dubstep in his newest EP, A Dose of Nostalgia.

South Florida-based producer Berk Alkanat, better known as Tape B, has been catching the attention of dubstep fans nationwide as he exhibits his genre-blending abilities that seamlessly integrate elements of hip-hop with traditional dubstep. His crafty remixes to electronic anthems such as Zeds Dead‘s “Collapse” and Blue Foundation‘s “Eyes on Fire” have turned heads from notable producers like Excision, Liquid Stranger, and Zeds Dead. As of recent, the young producer has joined Liquid Stranger on his mind-blowing Dimensions Tour alongside bass-heavy favorites, Ravenscoon and Tripp St.

A Dose of Nostalgia opens up with the track “Exposed,” which harnesses ambient female vocals and marries them to mid-range synths. High frequencies and a steady drumline support this arrangement, as the second verse ups the amplitude even further. Inspired by traditional UKF dubstep, listeners are immediately immersed into Tape B’s world of experimental soundscapes, embarking on an aural experience that converges jungle, garage, dub reggae, and other popular styles of British electronic.

Following this, “i won’t be ur drug” acts as the ideal sister track to its precedent, offering airy vocals that echo along a gruesome bass line. Tape B layers an oscillating synth line upon distorted frog bass as the track crescendos, curating a reminiscent tune that embodies old-school dubstep stylings.

Halfway through A Dose of Nostalgia, “Blaze” shifts the vibe, exhibiting a bass-heavy rendition of dub reggae. Earth-shaking sonic waves and foreboding bass act as the driving force throughout the track. Meanwhile, revving synths and deep dubs ignite a smooth groove that divides the reggae-influenced vocals into two hypnotic verses.

With a slow, rumbling introduction, “Purple Rain,” produces an other-worldly feel that gently carries layers of lush synths into a fluttering drop. Atmospheric tones and chopped vocals cascade along a buzzing bass line as the track progresses. This tune is one that is meant to be listened to with closed eyes, allowing the unique synergy between the vocals and synths to transport the listener to another realm.

To close, “Used To” takes a more hip-hop-oriented approach to the consistent 2010-era sound that Tape B effortlessly embodies in this EP. Bouncy bass and high-pitched, operatic vocalizations create a soothing outro that ties the five tracks into a symbiotic project. Harmonic synths and swooning melodies intentionally carry A Dose of Nostalgia to a euphonious end. 

Here is what Tape B had to say about A Dose of Nostalgia:

“A Dose of Nostalgia was heavily inspired by the 2010-era of melodic dubstep. All I used to do back around that time was scroll through YouTube, search for ‘dubstep’, and listen to it for hours everyday. I thought it would be cool to go back to my roots and make an EP with the vibe of what got me into this music in the first place.” – Tape B

Tape B indisputability has a complex sonic palette that allows him to conform to any genre, style, or era of electronic music. You can expect to catch Tape B riding out the remainder of Liquid Stranger’s aforementioned Dimensions tour as the year comes to a close. This young producer undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of him, garnering new fans at every stage he spins on. Check out his HIHF guest mix here.

How did you feel about A Dose of Nostalgia? Check out the must-hear EP below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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