The Denver underground scene is a deep pool of talent and unique, forward-thinking production styles, that never ceases to amaze with everything coming out of it. One artist who continuously brings fresh beats goes by merman.g, a tastemaker whose sounds fall into a range of genres and frequencies. Recently, he released his collaboration “Chroma Pulse” with Yellgantz on the Mountain High Year One compilation. The track was a blend of ooey, gooey downtempo goodness, switching things up at the end with an energetic, booty-shaking beat.

With every release of his, it seems like he advances to another level and brings something truly different from the last. That rings true yet again on merman.g’s latest release, “less than me.” The track is a blend of halftime beats, glitch, and other genre elements that perfectly intertwine with one another. merman.g, seamlessly incorporates each piece into the next, guiding listeners on a journey through his creative sound design.

In the pursuit of his passion, merman.g stays cooking up fresh cadences and honing in on his creativity, all while never defining himself to just one genre. That right there is going to be one of the many reasons for his vibrant future.

I love living in Denver and being right in the middle of one of the best hubs for music. Especially when it means catching sets and hearing music from artists like merman.g, who keep the passion and love for sound alive. Here’s a little something he had to say about his latest creation:

I have been making music in a lot of different forms for a lot of different audiences my entire life. This record, to me, feels like the culmination of a lot of bits and pieces finally clicking together. I’m very excited to continue to push forward and dive deeper into my sound, and more importantly, deeper into myself. – merman.g

If you haven’t yet heard of merman.g, let this be the beginning of your journey, he’s got an arsenal of releases already that’ll surely tickle your fancy. Listen to “less than me” below and if you’re in the Denver area, make sure to catch a set next time his name is on the bill! I promise you won’t regret it.

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