Every year the RL Grime Halloween Mix comes out and every year the audience collectively prepares itself for a long wait to get the unreleased tracks that debut during it. While there is sure to be a wait for some of the tracks teased during that set, today we are treated to the massive, set-ending banger only one month after the mix officially dropped. “Renegade” by RL Grime and NERO was without a doubt one of the biggest tracks of the entire set and to have it released so soon after the mix is truly a holiday season miracle.

If you said you had an RL Grime and NERO collab on your bingo board at the beginning of this year I would have called you a liar. The reason you wouldn’t suspect this release is that both halves of the collab haven’t been releasing a large volume of music in recent times. RL Grime has spent more of his time working on developing his Sable Valley label with less focus on touring and releasing original tracks. NERO has just recently returned to touring and in the last two years has only been releasing remixes. So yes, this was surprising, but no, it did not fail to meet our insanely high expectations.

Renegade” has a similar feel to RL Grime and Juelz‘s Sable Valley staple “Formula” in that it’s a euphoric, bass-heavy BANGER of a track. It opens with a melodic first section with clean NERO vocals. From there, it builds and builds and builds into an absolute hammer of a first drop that is resemblant of RL Grime’s most recent releases.  After the first drop, it goes into another melodic section and then builds the tension once more. That tension is then relieved with another absolute hammer of a drop.

This track is pure gold from start to finish and delivers everything that could be expected and more from two of the most legendary artists in the EDM world.

We are shocked by this collaboration between RL Grime and Nero and will be bumping it all weekend long. Listen to the track below and let us know what you thought down below in the comments!

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