Mersiv has teamed up with Denver-based duo Kyral x Banko to deliver what has been one of the most anticipated IDs of the year. Their new single “Juggernaut,“out now through Morflo Records, is finally here!

With his huge tour and Red Rocks headline show announcement, Mersiv has been on the tip of many tongues in the dubstep world recently. 2022 has been a huge year for Kyral x Banko as well. This year saw them release an EP with MPort on Wakaan titled “Brad” (which is hilarious) and join Mersiv’s current tour. The duo are known for not taking themselves too seriously, in 2021 they released an amazing EP titled “Snoitch”) and introduced us to their ridiculous universe. But “Juggernaut ” is a serious heater, so let’s get into it.

Mersiv and Kyral x Banko have forged a halftime gem with “Juggernaut”. It opens with a strong, swung drumline that immediately grabs the listener’s attention, then it transitions into a darkly atmospheric breakdown with movie trailer-level vocals. The intro is short but effective in setting the tone. A quick build teases the main basses, and then the chorus hits us right in the face. The bassline is IMMENSE. Grimey, gritty, and funky, with a hook that will stick in your head for a long time. Signature Mersiv sounds peek through, functioning as a sort of producer tagline and adding “pure” sounds to balance out the gritty. It has the kind of wild and chaotic energy that absolutely goes OFF live. A quick breakdown section features a synthesized heartbeat to let us catch our breath. Then a quick build and we’re right back in it.

The second chorus is a perfect switch-up. There’s a similar sizzling quality to the basses but the arrangement is new, effective, and interesting. It features bass zaps and wild effects that mesmerize and go incredibly hard. From a production standpoint, the track is amazing, with a crazy sound design, a perfect balance of elements, and an efficient arrangement. From a performance perspective, it is very much tailored to DJ-ability and has wild amounts of energy. “Juggernaut” is a real weapon for any artist that includes it in their set.

Be sure to catch Mersiv live at his upcoming shows in Brooklyn, Philly, DC, and more (more details on his website). Make sure to catch Kyral x Banko on Saturday, December 3rd if you’re in the Buffalo area, and keep an eye out for future announcements from these artists.

We’re not surprised at the quality that Mersiv and Kyral x Banko bring to the table with “Juggernaut.” We would love to hear what you think about it, so let us know down below in the comments!

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