One of our favorite producers is back with some much-needed healing energy to close out 2022. Boulder, CO-based illanthropy returns to fans with his four-track Soul Gambit EP, a beautifully heavy cosmic exploration of bass and emotion that paints a captivating picture in the minds of the listeners as they are transported through time and space.

Rarely do we see artists open up about the emotional journey that leads to the development and creation of specific projects. One thing to really admire about illanthropy is his genuine vulnerability, the way he offers a glimpse into his own life, and how that translates to the music he puts out. It’s something I have really connected with over the last couple of years in my own healing journey, knowing that we are not alone in whatever we are facing, whether internally or externally.

The Soul Gambit EP opens up with “Cure Behind The Curtain” featuring Cent.roid, an unbelievably powerful intro that really captures illanthropy’s signature combination of beautiful melodic elements with darker tones of bass as we blast off into the cosmos. This track dives into the search for what causes us pain. Oftentimes, we try to keep ourselves busy in order to escape the pain, yet when those feelings return, we ask ourselves ‘Why am I feeling like this?’ or ‘Where is this stemming from?’ These questions are often unable to be answered, as the answers exist behind the curtain of reality, as illanthropy describes it. This life-long search for the cure is both mysterious and exciting and is an incredible way to kick off this EP.

Next up is “Forget To Think”, an entry point into this “zen state” that allows our minds to be quiet and clear. Once again, illanthropy brilliantly hits us with his signature frequencies that allow listeners to let go of whatever stress, fear, etc. going on in our lives. This seamlessly transitions into the third track, “Hypgnosis”, a six-and-a-half-minute sonic journey that guides us to a healing light at the end of the tunnel. In what is typically used for the treatment of pain, illanthropy has assumed the role of a hypnosis practitioner, in which he has figured out how to turn down the pain by turning up the volume. Truly brilliant stuff here.

The EP closes with “The Follower”, a beautiful sunset-esque track that sums up the journey we have just embarked on. This EP is straight from the heart, and you can really feel the emotions that went into creating such a dynamic, thought-provoking work of art by the end of it. Something that I have always tried to remind myself of is that the journey is the destination – focusing on the now, the present, and not worrying about the destination as I know it will be there waiting no matter what. I felt like this EP really captured that sentiment.

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