Seeing individuals dive into their passion for sound and branch out to start collectives is always inspiring and beautiful to see. That’s exactly what happened with Mountain High Collective; a group of friends came together and created something magical. Over the last year, they’ve created a loyal following of fans and thrown a handful of events in Denver. This included the Road To Secret Dreams, the Welcome To Wubaholics Tour, and their first event, featuring Kirby Bright, Mt. Analogue, and Mythic Rogue. As well as releasing a mix with Seeded Vision. It’s been amazing to see what they’ve accomplished in this first year, and they are celebrating things proper with Mountain High / Year One.

The compilation is a highlight of the artists who’ve either been involved with the project itself or simply just supported it along the way. It’s also a representation of the talent the underground holds and the burning passion for the artists that make up the unique sounds found within. Each of the eight tracks features unique soundscapes from tastemakers storm,,, Ginseng, ILIPH, Backleft, Kizer, and Yellgnatz. As well as collaborations between budge x Ginseng, and merman.g and Yellgnatz.

storm,, starts things off with emotive frequencies and deep underlying bass lines that carry you away to the rest of the tracks. Ginseng brings low-fi rainy-day vibes, with mellow, yet upbeat tempos and drum-powered goodness. His collaboration with budge is a hypnotic track, blending in arrays of elements and emotions. From there, merman.g and Yellgnatz bring in deep, sticky frequencies that intertwine with a multitude of other sounds and thought-provoking feelings. Backleft brings in the head-nodding beats that lead into Kizer’s bouncy, rich sounds, each bringing new energy to the compilation. ILIPH takes listeners down a rabbit hole of dark, brooding noises, hypnotizing anyone who dares to enter. Wrapping things up, Yellgnatz highlights their ability to blend an abundance of frequency components.

Here’s what Mountain High’s founder had to say about the compilation:

I started Mountain High after moving out to Denver in hopes of doing good for our scene while also being able to express my creativity. Curating lineups & now this comp has been some of my favorite work I’ve ever done and I’m still very early in my learning process. 2022 had a lot of ups and downs but was one of the most knowledgeable experiences I could’ve asked for. Looking towards the future & couldn’t be more excited. – Brett (Regional Manager / Founder of Mountain High).

Each of the artists involved brings something truly unique to this compilation and their out-of-the-box views on production will not only continue to pave an impressive future for themselves, but all those they inspire along the way. Mountain High / Year One is just a taste of what’s to come in 2023 for everyone involved, as well as the hard work and dedication that was poured into it over the last year. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for everything that’s in store.

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