NIMBVS is a Jacksonville, Florida duo who is coming in hot! Today, the on the rise electronic act is bringing their growing fanbase a brand new other-worldly banger, “Deep Space.”

Alexander McVeigh and Andrew Jolly started NIMBVS in December of 2020 and are excited to spend the next ten years producing music, at a minimum. The two producers are hungry to show the world what the NIMVS project is capable of and that’s exactly what they do on their new track. Here’s what they had to say:

“We wanted to make a song that had that mysterious bass feel while still having some of the melodic, trap, and dubstep elements that our typical sound might have”  – NIMBVS

A mysterious intro leads us on our interstellar journey, creating an ominous feel for listeners to engulf themselves in. The space voyage continues into a filthy drop, having you wondering if alien life really does exist. This extraterrestrial tune is the perfect addition to both bass and trap fans’ playlists.

What did you think about NIMBVS’ newest work, “Deep Space?” Let us know down below in the comments or on our social media your own thoughts!

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