Kayzo is well-known in the EDM world for his brutal dubstep and hardstyle beats, bringing alternative, metal, and pop-punk sounds into the electronic world. With tons of hits under his belt over the years as well as collaborative bangers with huge names like Subtronics and SLANDER, he is consistently one of the most exciting names in the quickly-growing world of dubstep.

Something Kayzo doesn’t get enough credit for is putting on smaller artists. His Welcome Records label has been putting out annual Halloween compilations for the past four years, jam-packed to the brim with talent, on top of dozens of other solo releases from the dubstep world’s rising star producers.

Today, Kayzo is releasing the remix album for his 2022 album New Breed, which features a whomping twenty-seven talented producers on remixing duties, as well as three VIP edits from the Welcome label head, and one pop-punk remix of his collab with CRAY, from Ryan Browne.

“Cyber Death” gets a ridiculously fire remix from the production maestro Hairitage, as well as bangin’ remixes from other dubstep heavy hitters like Samplifire, Automhate, and Vastive.

Fransis Derelle takes on “The Sickness” for a distorted, melodic dubstep take on the original. Rising stars INHUMAN, MUERTE, RZRKT, and TYPHON also remix Kayzo’s collaboration with GHØSTKID. The lineup of producers Kayzo has assembled for this remix album is ABSURD!

Up-and-comers Dr. Ushuu and BADVOID both give their unique, distinct takes on “WAR” and rising star producer Bainbridge brings absolute firepower on his “Meet You In The Sound” remix.

High Zombie is another one-to-watch artist. His remix of “Gateway” is a great addition to his artillery of headbanger-friendly bangers. Hearditherefirst.blog favorites and also guest mix alumni Slang Dogs bring their experimental, melancholic production chops to the forefront on their remix of “Dead Awake.”

Our personal favorite was the filthy DnB rework of “Bottle Of Rain” from NVADRZ. The Slovenian producer has seen support from names like Excision, NGHTMRE, DJ Diesel, and, of course, Kayzo. He should definitely be on your radar in 2023!

Other contributors include Level Up, Tisoki, IVORY, Sweettooth, Poni, Swarm, HE$H, N3WPORT, Soren, JACKNIFE, KAMI, and PERSONA NON GRATA.

Which official remix was your favorite off of Kayzo’s New Breed remix pack? Let us know down below in the comments and check out the full compilation now!

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