Halgoenix and Alix Perez are two integral parts of the bass music community and their talent truly knows no limits. The possibilities are endless when it comes to their creations, especially with each having multiple aliases to create under: Alix Perez with Shades and Halogenix with Lordel.

Under his solo project, Alix Perez has always created a multitude of genres, from drum & bass to heavier, more low-end styles. Halogenix’s solo project centers around DnB sub-genres, while Lordel is on the opposite side of things, creating heftier, more experimental tracks. Either way, whatever and whenever these two are producing, the result is always something special.

To really sum it up, Alix Perez and Halogenix are just overall incredibly talented individuals. What better way to show that off than by creating together. “Amé” is the type of sweet DnB track that makes you swoon when you listen, with goosebump-inducing vocals and ethereal and perfectly placed breaks. For any fans of the Halogenix 2021 Soulful Mix, you’ll definitely know this one. It’s been a long-awaited release, and to make the news even sweeter, the track is out now via Halogenix’s brand-new label, Gemini Gemini.

This is now the second release on the new imprint, the first being “Lost Friends,” off his forthcoming EP. This all has me extra curious about what sorts of sounds are to come. Will this label be more liquid tracks? What do you think? Knowing Halogenix, whatever sorts of releases, and from whomever, it’ll be incredible no matter what.

Stream “Amé” now below or on your preferred music platform and let us know what you think about the track in the comments.

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Artwork: Bertie Simpson

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