It’s official – the drum & bass hype is taking off here in the United States. At Heard It Here First, we love introducing our readers to new artists, subgenres, songs, you name it. There’s an unbelievable amount of good music that’s coming out, especially in drum & bass. With that, we are starting a new monthly series to bring you some of the freshest d&b tracks that our team has been vibing with. Take a look below at five of our favorites from the past month!

1. Halogenix & Alix Perez – Amé

We started February with a beautiful collaboration from two of the best in the game right now, Halogenix and 1985 Music label boss, Alix Perez. Out now on Halogenix’s new label Gemini Gemini“Amé” is a soul cleanser of a tune. This is one of those tracks that just instantly puts you in a good mood. These two artists continue to set new standards for quality drum & bass. Check out the full write-up on our site right here.


2. Makoto – Into The Vibe

Speaking of legends with their own labels, Japanese drum & bass icon Makoto is bringing his Human Elements label back this year. To kick off the label’s return, he released “Into The Vibe”. This track is…you guessed it…a vibe. Makoto shows you why he is one of the best in liquid drum & bass, hitting us with so many different soulful elements and beautiful melodies. If you like this type of drum & bass, check out Makoto’s playlist on Spotify.


3. Slippy & Low Poly – Patience

Next up we have a collaboration between two up-and-coming talents, Slippy and Low Poly. They teamed up for an epic, forward-thinking heater in “Patience”, which dropped on one of our favorite labels, Jadū Dala. What’s interesting about this track is that it is not a normal style for either artist. That being said, both Slippy and Low Poly are limitless in their approach to music production. They have the ability to switch it up whenever they please. With releases that span across labels like Bassrush, Monstercat, Alter/Ego, Wavecraft Collective and others, it’s clear these guys have range. Looking forward to hearing more from these two!


4. Pola & Bryson – Phoneline (feat. Emily Makis)

Every time I hear a new Pola & Bryson track, I’m always blown away at just how perfect they are. This duo from London always knows how to provide the proper healing frequencies. Out now on Shogun Audio,“Phoneline” featuring vocals from Nottingham-based lyricist Emily Makis is yet another ethereal journey that makes you feel something. They absolutely nailed it on this one. Emily has also been featured on tracks by other big names in drum & bass like K-Motionz, Kanine and Monrroe. Really hoping we get some Pola & Bryson here in the States later this year.

5. Noisia & The Upbeats – Halcyon (Bensley Remix)

Rounding out our top five, we have an epic remix of “Halcyon” by Noisia and The Upbeats from Toronto, Canada-based Bensley. Bensley is a great example of someone who has been a tremendous help in leading the charge in North American drum & bass. He joined the legendary Delta Heavy on a number of tour stops during their North American tour last year and introduced so many new people to his music and style. This remix is outrageous. Bensley showcases his range in sound design and flow with this unique combination of alien-sounding basses and soothing deep bass lines that create an epic rendition of an already-goated track.

Simon Roshdy —  Halogenix Photo Credit

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