ill.gates is one of the most prolific producers in the bass music world. His Production Dojo label is helping to teach the next generation of rising star electronic artists and he has worked with massive names from all sides of the EDM spectrum in the past like Excision, Mr. Bill, Captain Hook, Beats Antique, and loads of other massive collaborators!

We hosted ill.gates in 2020 as one of the headliners for our Cabin Fever Virtual Festival, which benefitted The Innocence Project, an organization that helps free wrongly convicted people. He performed alongside tons of bass music’s rising stars like AHEE, Floret Loret, AUSTERIA, and Meduso, as well as some more established acts and past collaborators of his like VibeSquaD and Ill-Esha.

The self-proclaimed ‘modulating space genius of the future’ is back again today with a brand new remix package featuring some serious talent who are on the come up, something that ill.gates has always done a stellar job at highlighting.

On the new project, we’ve got some fresh hot remixes of his collaboration with DEF3, Chris Karns of Pretty Lights Live, KJ Sawka of Destroid, and Nintendeaux, “Smoke.” Here’s what ill.gates had to say about the new remix EP:

“If there’s such a thing as a song being “lucky” then Smoke is that song. Like a peace pipe or a secret joint out back of the club, ‘Smoke’ has a magnetic ability to draw people together and bring out their best. 
I wish I could take full credit for it but I gotta give it up to the dream team on this one: 2 DMC (Disco Mix Club DJ Championship) world champions, the best drummer in EDM, the KING of funky sound design, and the very best artists from Producer Dojo came together to support Def3 and I on this one and we are forever in their debt.
Also, big shoutouts to GRiZ for posting ‘Smoke’ to his story for us! Love ya Grant.” – ill.gates

On remixing duties are Slynk, JFB, FarfetchD, Lucien Francis, $ecret Gue$t, and GooseTronics. We also get a special instrumental version of Slynk’s remix. The remixes range from DnB and Halftime to Midtempo and Experimental bass, even some Breaks!

Which remix was your favorite? Let us know which “Smoke” remix you liked most down below in the comments!  Also, be sure to check out the remixing artists other tracks down below and show them some love!

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