Heavy dubstep heads stand up, as Sullivan King and SVDDEN DEATH emerge from the depths of hell with their ferocious new collaboration, “Pursuit of Violence”, released on the esteemed Monstercat label.

Sullivan King kicked off the year teasing his Thrones of Blood LP, releasing lead singles like “Fall Apart” with Excision and title track, “Thrones of Blood”. These tracks brazenly established the untamed tone of King’s upcoming album, out March 17th, and have built some serious anticipation for the producer’s Thrones of Blood Tour, which is gearing up to be his most extensive headline tour to date. Sullivan King will be joined on this must-see nationwide tour by heavyweights like Benda, Vastive, Level Up, and Kai Wachi. Fans can also expect to hear the rock-infused bangers live at Veld Fest, Tomorrowland, and Forbidden Kingdom.

Following up from a highly-successful 2022, SVDDEN DEATH opened the year with his cutthroat single, “Born To Suffer”. The Bay-area native has garnered a massive fanbase that has allowed him to sell out some of the most prominent venues in the country, ranging from the Hollywood Palladium to the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. The success of his VOYD project created a massive buzz among the scene, as the producer levitated above crowds across the country, dawning his ominous black outfit and deer-skull mask. SVDDEN DEATH’s hellish sound is seemingly a perfect fit to compliment Sullivan King’s metal-inspired stylings.

Today, Sullivan King and SVDDEN DEATH finally present fans with “Pursuit of Violence”, an aggressive heater of a track that unforgivingly damns listeners through the nine circles of hell. An introduction of ghoulish whispers, intense synths, and vicious screamo vocals from Sullivan King create a haunting aura reminiscent of the underworld. Without hesitation, the bridge seamlessly shifts into SVDDEN DEATH’s signature head-banging drums that make this collaboration a headbangin’ rail rider’s dream.

A rock-charged intermission detailed by energetic guitar riffs gives listeners room to breathe, before the two round out the track. A second verse of bone-shattering bass, mammoth growls, and King’s trademark screams are sure to curdle the blood of anyone who dares to indulge in the “Pursuit of Violence”.

What did you think of Sullivan King & SVDDEN DEATH’s brutal collaboration “Pursuit of Violence”? Check out the new heater below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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