Two of the biggest name in modern dubstep, Excision & Wooli, have come together once again to unleash another hard-hitting banger, “Name Drop.” The duo has collaborated frequently over the past years; such mainstays as “Oxygen,” “Lockdown,” “Another Me,” “Erase You,” “Evolution,” and “Island” have been rinsed out in Excision, Wooli, and other headlining dubstep sets since each of their releases. You cannot help but appreciate the mastery of sound design and explosive tension these two bring to the table with every new effort they give us.

On top of numerous collaborations, Excision and Wooli have performed together through multiple Excision tours and special events such as Lost Lands and Bass Canyon, the latter of which includes a special Excision b2b Wooli set this year!

“Name Drop” kicks off with a tenuous electric guitar riff that slowly cascades into an ethereal yet energetic build. With the perfect atmospheric presence for signature Excision stage production, the track envelops the listener with beats from every angle. Crunching bass lines and distorted snares clash with high-energy vocal samples and heavy melodies before retreating into the subdued guitar rift that opened the song. “Name Drop” circles back to rebuild energy before unleashing a furious display of practiced chaos again. Ever so slight tempo adjustments bring new life to a similar show of expert sound design.

We love “Name Drop,” and we hope you’re as excited as we are about the Excision and Wooli’s b2b at Bass Canyon! Let us know what you think of the latest collaboration from this incredible duo at our socials, linked below!

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