This past weekend, Elderbrook stunned Brooklyn, NYC with an extraordinary spectacle of his discography on his Little Love Tour at the Avant Gardner’s Great Hall. Forging a lane of his own with his one-of-a-kind sound and multi-dexterous performance, Elderbrook bared his soul on stage by singing, dancing, mixing, and playing percussion live for a sold-out room of 3,000 adoring fans.

The London-born powerhouse’s Little Love Tour stops across all major North American cities, from Canada to the U.S., with Brooklyn ranking as his biggest headline show to date. When it comes to top-tier electronic acts, the Avant Gardner always offers the most ideal space, whether it be in their famed 7,000-capacity Brooklyn Mirage or their equally impressive warehouse-style Great Hall. 

To open, EREZ set the tone with her techno-infused acoustics and airy vocals, enticing fans to the dancefloor with her hypnotic harmonies. Moving beam lights danced across the Great Hall and illuminated the crowd with vibrant fluorescence. Following this, ford. filled the room with his emotive lo-fi ambiance, refreshing the listener’s sonic palette in time for the main act.

At last, the lights dimmed and the crowd erupted in cheer as Elderbrook took to the stage with a stripped-down rendition of his heartfelt classic, “Numb”. Fans could not resist singing along with the headliner, while white lights projected from behind him, creating an ethereal glow that complimented his angelic vocalizations. Equipped with only his microphone, DJ controller, and MIDI drum pad, Elderbrook live orchestrated all of the elements of his captivating performance.

With slow ease into the impassioned side of his discography, fans sang their hearts out to “Something About You” and “Talk It Over”. Enamored by his alluring synth work and raw harmonies, Elderbrook naturally engaged the room before turning up the heat on his mixer.

The night went on with the crowd getting down to the fiery melodies of house-heavy hits like “Dance With My Ghost” and “Body”. Elderbrook’s steamy dance moves and upbeat percussive work invigorated the audience with an infectious verve that had everyone moving their feet.

By the tail-end of the show, a buzzing, vibrant energy between Elderbrook and the audience created a tangible vibration in the Great Hall. Saving the best for last, Elderbrook knocked it out of the park with a cinematic performance of his wildly successful hits, “Inner Light” with Bob Moses and “When I Talk” with Kx5. The fans cheered the headliner back out for an encore before he sent everybody off with his high-energy dance collaboration with CamelPhat, “Cola”

Elderbrook is undoubtedly raising the bar and redefining the standards of electronic performance with his must-see Little Love Tour. We can’t wait to hear his Little Love LP in full, which is set to release on March 31st — you can pre-save the album here. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see Elderbrook live yet, be sure to check out the remainder of his tour dates down below!

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