REZZ, Shadient, and fknsyd have teamed up for a grungy hardcore bass collab that will inspire riots through its sheer bass power. “Blue In The Face” comes to us two months after REZZ teased it in her February 24th show in San Diego at The Rady Shell. 

REZZ is a heavyweight bass artist who took over the scene in the late-2010s. She has been a shining star of trance music thanks to her over-the-top visual experience and bone-shattering bass design. REZZ has also maintained a unique connection with her fanbase, often interacting with commenters on Twitter and opening up about her personal life, thoughts, and feelings. REZZ is a shining star in the EDM world, and we are so excited to see her continuing to push the limits of her sound alongside fknsyd and Shadient. 

“Blue In The Face” is the first single from REZZ’s upcoming Goth/Punk EP, “ITS NOT A PHASE,” and we are absolutely stoked about this new sound. The grungy bass lines mix with ethereal vocals and masterful creativity to make this a very special release from this trio.

fknsyd is a renowned vocalist for collaborating with REZZ, Shadient, WAVEDASH, SLANDER, and RL Grime. Her airy voice meshes with an emotionally charged sound design uniquely, making her a recurring favorite for the biggest names in bass. Including Shadient, with whom she will now have five released collaborations. 

Shadient hails from the United Kingdom, bringing frenetic energy to the experimental bass scene. Shadient released his debut EP in 2017 and has been skyrocketing ever since. Noted as ” one of the most promising new artists out right now” by Porter Robinson, he has an enormous career still ahead. 

You can stream the brand new collab from REZZ, Shadient, and fknsyd down below, and be sure to let us know on socials what you think of this grungy new release!

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