LYNY just dropped his highly anticipated track “Face,” so today is a good day. The man strictly hits home runs. If you aren’t familiar with LYNY yet, make sure to change that immediately. We’ve been hearing his viral tunes “Noxious” and “Push” in every set recently and we’ve been looking forward to this newest entry from the Chicago native since he dropped it at Electric Forest last year. Let’s dive into the track.

The intro teases the drop flow, building the energy perfectly. The “I can’t feel my face” vocal line is sure to resonate with crowds getting smacked in the dome with this heater on a proper sound system. The chorus is just classic LYNY, with the godlike flow and stellar sound design this rising star has become well known for. The interplay of basses ripping the craziest rhythms is pure genius. If I sound like a fanboy, that’s because I totally am.

The second chorus throws some tasteful variations of the basses at us. There is some really crazy stuff in here, at least from a technical perspective. There’s even some tear-out/riddim sound design, though it’s processed and mixed to fit right in. I would give my left kidney to get a full look at LYNY’s creative process because he truly does not miss with those bassline flows and sexy drum grooves. There’s a reason he is one of the hottest names in bass music right now.

If you want to hear “Face” live, LYNY has some awesome shows coming up. He’s playing at the Caverns on April 28th and at Red Rocks on May 6th. Check out his socials for more upcoming dates and announcements. Stream “Face” below and let us know what you think about it down in the comments!

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