Another day, another FUXWITHIT Records masterpiece. Every time I see that blurred-out, black-and-white logo announcing another tune into the world, my heart instantly skips a beat. This specific artist reveal was a little extra-special, considering two of the most influential and rising trap phenomena were not only liberating through FUXWITHIT, but collaborating altogether. When two worlds collide, LYNY and chromonicci. syndicate vitality with their new hybrid-bounce trap anthem, “Want”.

“Want” gives us the best of both worlds

Want” is everything we could have asked for, from all parties involved. It’s an enormous harvest of energy, garnered by both creators, reckoned to shatter forcefields. It only makes sense for the track to debut on FUXWITHIT’s label.

A reflection of old-school trap with new-aged ripples of niccibounce

It’s a cosmic creation of clustered claps metallically melded with rhythmic niccibounce. Built-up by a mesmerizing vocal, it makes you want to lose all sorts of control. The kick comes for your chest and the snare snaps at your neck, ultimately tied in tune with undertones of a bassline that shoots straight for your hips. Electric hymns of guitar guide you gently through the outro, gradually gracing you back down and ready for another round.

Here are some words from LYNY himself:

What’s crazy is I was a huge fan of Christian’s stuff from as early as 2016. Eventually, my buddy Kevin (Cozy Kev) worked with him in 2019-2020 and I think that was when he found my stuff. We connected on socials and he hit me up, and soon after we talked about a collaboration. I sent him an idea and he loved it. Then he went in and absolutely CRUSHED it.” – LYNY

We hope you enjoyed the new LYNY and chromonicci. collaboration, “Want,” just as much as we did! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tag us on our socials!

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