Dani Thorne, known to the bass music world as Com3t, has been absolutely SLAYING as of late. The space-bass connoisseur has worked with huge names in the past like LSDream and played some of the most iconic festivals both within and outside the EDM world, ranging from Ultra Miami to Lost Lands to Lollapalooza to Bonnaroo.

A couple months back, Com3t came through heavy with a massive official Hearditherefirst.blog guest mix, hopping on the ones and twos and providing volume 102 of our mix series. After the release of dozens of originals and a cavalcade of filthy unreleased IDs successfully in her artillery, Com3t threw down a guest mix of epic proportions. We are forever grateful for that mix and you can check it out for yourself here.

Today, fans are getting the release of her highly-anticipated EP, which has been teased over the past six months with multiple singles. The Cosmic Adventures of Com3t is finally here!

Within the project lives four filthy extraterrestrial bangers that are the perfect addition to any bass-head’s playlist. Sure to cause a mean case of bass-face, tracks like “Planet Shaking Bass” and Space Cakes are capable of knocking down the heaviest, largest of walls. You’ll definitely be hearing some of these new Com3t tunes played by other artists throughout the summer as the festival season continues to ramp up.

Here’s what Com3t had to say about her brand new The Cosmic Adventures of Com3t EP:

“The Cosmic Adventures of COM3T is my first baby. While exploring new parts of myself, and experimenting with my skills, I also got to tap into childhood dreams. No, I didn’t know I would be a musician one day, but I did want to be an astronaut. I always wondered what it would be like to fly a spaceship, walk on the moon, or even see other worlds, and I got to bring all those fantasies to life with this EP, including being a three-boobied pink alien.. I never thought that would happen… My old love for sci-fi met my newfound love for music and created something from the depths of Dani… aka COM3T. Thank you Thrive Music for believing in me and this project. This is just the beginning for COM3T. Enjoy <3” – Com3t

It’s clear that Com3t cares about not only her artwork but also her quickly growing fanbase. You can stream her new EP down below, out now through Thrive Music!

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