Iowa-based producer, Medicine Place, has rapidly made a name for himself amongst the underground bass scene, bringing along with him his own unique take on the 140 genre that many have come to love. He already has a vast arsenal of releases under his belt, has played festivals like Infrasound, and has gained recognition from artists and labels across the board. The Submission-signed tastemaker is ready to take the scene by storm and bring along his passion for sound and the systems they play on along with him.

His latest EP, his debut on the label Defy Culture, features four brand-new tracks, each highlighting Medicine Place’s abilities to tap into different emotions that are powered by an array of dubstep frequencies. It’s a beautiful thing when music can make you move and get your endorphins pumping, and that’s exactly what Medicine Place has done here on Mindstate. Each track is unique and pushes forth the individuality that comes with this niche genre.

The title track “Mindstate” has that classic, bouncy, 140 feel to it. The sounds transport you to a late-night stage at a festival, engulfed in the vibrations ricocheting off the stacks of speakers surrounding you.  After that is“Steady Flow,” with D3XTER, which leans on the more slowed-down, wubbier side of things. Pair that with its hypnotizing, low-end melody, and you’ll find yourself getting lost within its depths.

Next up is “Crow Hop,” a dynamic and perky number, with a bass line that’ll rattle any chest when played at a high volume, just as it’s meant to. Medicine Place is an exceptional sound designer and that’s quite obvious in this track, as well as the rest of the EP. He wraps up Mindstate with “Tight Rope,” and just like its name, this track makes you feel like you’re walking on a high wire, hundreds of feet off the ground. The bass gradually and carefully moves you to the final destination, while the heavier aspects flex at maximum capacity.

There’s something truly special about the underground dubstep community, the dedication from artists and passion from the fans is such a moving experience. One where everyone comes together to share in the love of music and listen to proper sounds rinsed out over top-notch systems, there’s nothing quite like it. Music really is the medicine, and this is something that is seen and heard clearly through artists like Medicine Place, with a passionate dedication to the craft.

Medicine Place gave us a little insight into his feelings about working with Defy Culture for Mindstate:

“I have always admired Defy Culture and the incredible community they have cultivated around their label. It truly feels like a full circle moment for me, being granted the opportunity to craft a project inspired by the sounds that I was a fan of when I initially connected with Chief Kaya and King Shotta.” – Medicine Place

Mindstate is exactly what the sound system culture is all about, those frequencies that reach your soul on a deep level. One that’s hard to sometimes be explained, but one that’s easy to be felt. Stream the EP down below and let us know what your favorite tracks are in the comments!

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