Lightning In A Bottle is an absolutely top-tier event from the stacked lineup of artists, to mind-expanding workshops, and amazing food and clothing vendors. The whole atmosphere of the festival was fun, uplifting, and brimming with creativity and an overall welcoming feeling.

Some of the headliners included well-established artists like REZZ, LSDREAM, Liquid Stranger, Sofi Tukker, Tokimonsta, LP Giobbi, and many more. The festival was packed with talent throughout the bill as well, with incredible performances from more underground acts like Chmura, Rohaan, Zingara, Hamdi, and too many others to list. Alongside the amazing music, the event also had a really diverse range of workshops and daytime experiences like sound baths, yoga, and talks on forward-thinking topics too. Here are our thoughts on the different parts of the LiB festival experience for anyone looking to attend next year!

LP Giobbi


The music throughout the whole weekend was phenomenal – even walking up to a side stage during the day without being familiar with an artist, there was bound to be a unique, fun set. There was also a large variety of music, and it seemed there was something for everyone attending the event. From house and disco at the Woogie stage to more mainstream and touring acts at the Thunder and Lightning stages, to underground bass at the Junkyard and the Stacks stages, attendees could experience any genre they wanted at LiB.

One of the most exciting parts of the festival was being able to just wander around to each stage and discover new artists, as well as catch some well-known headliners. I was also especially happy with how diverse the lineup was, with multiple women and people of color in prime time slots on the main stages.

Workshops & Experiences

To give my ears a small break I ended up exploring some of the workshops and other experiences that weren’t at the music stages. A fun one that I haven’t seen at other festivals was the talent show at the Grand Artique during the day. Anyone attending the festival could sign up and share their talents with an audience, which I thought was a really fun opportunity for attendees to get more involved.

I ended up seeing performances like lassoing, burlesque, and original acoustic guitar playing and singing. There were other workshops where people were able to share their cultures, lead sound baths, and allow attendees to dive into their yoga or mindfulness practices. The balance of mentally stimulating talks with fun, carefree experiences was super refreshing. LiB knocked it out of the park with these.

Food & Other Vendors

Another standout part of the festival was the vendors. This is one of the few events where I felt like I had so many choices of high-quality food to eat like Mexican food, vegan pizza, poke bowls, acai bowls, and tons more. I loved that there was such a variety of options so close together at the festival. If I were running low on energy from staying up late, I could go grab Yerba Mate from one of the bars, or get a coffee from one of the stands by the stages. There were also unique vendors for clothing and apparel that I haven’t stumbled on too often outside of festivals like LiB. Also, the charging stations were a game-changer, because my phone died on the last day, and the station allowed me to find my group I would have surely otherwise lost. I’m certain hundreds of other festival-goers were just as ecstatic as I was to have these available on-site.

Last Takeaways

The festival was a blast from the very beginning right up until I packed up and headed home. I would highly recommend LiB to anyone who’s looking for more than just music at a festival. Lightning In A Bottle has so much to offer beyond just top-tier music acts and production, even though that was also a huge highlight. I guarantee there were a lot of attendees who came for the music and left with a newfound passion for yoga and other practices that help us all hone in on improving as humans. If you attended Lightning In A Bottle, what was your favorite part of the festival? Let us know down below in the comments or on our socials!

All photos featured courtesy of DIVISUALS

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