Muted Diagram is an exceptionally talented up-and-coming bass music producer, now based in the Denver area, who found his passion in wanting to create the music he loves during the pandemic. Earlier this year, he released his All Original Unreleased Mixtape Vol. 1showing the world he was ready to make some waves with his sounds. Each transition was smooth and the perfect journey through his mind, giving listeners a peak into everything that he’s bringing to the table as an artist.

Today, Muted Diagram is releasing a five-track EP on The Widdler‘s label, TheWiddfam, titled Golden Peak to Prescott. This new work is a really full-circle moment for his project and represents a lot of what sparked and started his creative journey as an artist. Here’s a little backstory on how everything came to be from Muted Diagram himself:

During covid and with no work to be had, the only thing that kept me going was learning music production. That’s when I found a community with Widdfam with weekly livestreams, music production, and feedback streams from The Widdler, and just kick it streams on Twitch. I met a bunch of people that I call homies now through Widdfam.
This community was the spark to my creativity and journey as an artist.
As for the EP, I named it Golden Peak to Prescott because Golden Peak was the street I lived on during covid and Prescott is the street I live on now because this whole EP is a dedication to the journey from the beginning all the way to now and what might not have been if quarantine never happened and I never explored music creation. – Muted Diagram

Golden Peak to Prescott is a sonic journey of deep, provocative bass intertwined amongst the unique elements that make up this niche genre, and a big moment in what’s sure to be a fulfilling future for the Muted Diagram project. Kicking things off is “Chaotic Wonderland,” a track that would spook Alice herself. This tune will have anyone who dares enter such a rabbithole getting lost amongst the brooding frequencies. Muted Diagram weaves in tasteful distortions alongside perfectly placed drums, and other wobbly elements here.

“Reckless” is up next, a hypnotic dubstep number that will have listeners’ curiosity causing them to get lost within the dirty, sound system-shaking, low-end elements. Muted Diagram brings an energy to this track that is sure to set dance floors aflame. “Lavender Jones,” is up next, consisting of mesmerizing, and almost glossy bass tones, giving off a subtle, mysterious feel to it. While a lot of this track leans on the more mellow side of things, Muted Diagram keeps listeners guessing and drops heavier sections throughout, creating an excursion of elements you can’t get enough of.

“Kool Aid Jammer” is up next on Golden Peak, giving off downtempo-like elements, infused with ooey-gooey soundscapes and a smooth swagger-like feel. It gives listeners a moment to catch their breath and take in everything they’ve heard so far on the EP.

Following alongside the more chilled-out beats is the final track, “Give It To Me.”  It gives off those late-night, after-hours vibes, all while intertwining ethereal and emotive beats. The orchestral intro leading into the heftier portion of the track are the perfect little blend of light and dark, a nice reminder that genres like this can make us feel a wave of different emotions.

Golden Peak to Prescott is a full circle moment for Muted Diagram, highlighting everything he’s accomplished so far, all while paving a bright path for everything that’s coming his way. Listen to the EP below and let us know which tracks are your favorite in the comments!!

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