Nomis.wav is undoubtedly one of my favorite rising stars pushing DnB in America right now. His latest EP, Infrared, is a colossal work of art and, in my honest opinion, his most impressive release to date. Featuring five sensational tracks that all vastly differ from each other, there is a little bit of everything for everyone. We get big bass, riddim, liquid DnB, and experimental dubstep, and every single song is a heavy hitter.

Starting his journey into music production in 2017, it’s impressive how far he’s come in such a short amount of time. Once discovering his sound and not trying to follow the path of some of his favorite artists, he found himself right where he wanted to be and created music that felt truly his own. Now residing in Nashville, he recently had a chance to open up for Sullivan King and is excited to push his career to new heights. 

Here is what Nomis.wav had to say about his career and the creation of Infrared:

“The release of the Infrared EP closes out a defining chapter in the Nomis.wav project. It feels like everything I have made throughout the past year has been with this project in mind. My close friends have heard me talking about it forever! Holding the sound and the visual aesthetic in the same hand throughout the creative process was super important to me. The visual inspiration came first – Madeon’s “Good Faith” album is one of my favorites ever and sparked the vision for what would eventually become Infrared. The way he created a visual aesthetic was essential to bringing the project together as-a-whole and something that I strived to do in my own way. As much as I want to work with some of the visual artists I am internet homies with, that is not exactly in the Nomis.wav budget right now, so for my past few releases, I have put my Adobe knowledge to use and created my own visuals hahaha. I do my best and really love what I have made, but I’d love to work with someone more skilled in that area for future projects. 

Other huge inspirations, more on the sound side, are the OG’s Zeds Dead and Alison Wonderland. The way they are both so multidimensional with their production, never putting themselves in a box with their sound, is something I’m really passionate about and strive for with my own music – and I tried to represent that with this project. Hence the words “multidimensional computer music.” I moved between genres and brought a bit of a different sound with each track, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I feel like what I spent so long creating in Infrared became what Nomis.wav is, and I have so much more planned. So this release is incredibly exciting for me in that I get to reveal this amazing project to the world, but also because now I get to move forward on all of my other projects and ideas that came about in the meantime! I have some dope collabs coming out, hopefully before the end of the year – one with the keyboard wizard Jason Leech and another with Avello!” – Nomis.wav

Right off the bat, “Infrared” takes it up a notch and delivers a passionate and fiery cadence. Starting with a stylish DnB melody and transitioning into a storm of laser beams before it segues into a new dimension with a high-energy tech-house banger. “Infrared” is all that and then some! It’s impossible not to find your body grooving to the beat when this track bumps through your speakers.

Blasting off with smooth liquid DnB is the track “ALL4U.” As beautiful as sensuous, this track features all the feel-good vibes. The sound design is thoroughly impressive and results in a supersonic-energy banger. This song gracefully sets the tone for the rest of the EP with its atmospheric and angelic progression.

“Losing Control” delivers a big-bass sound jam-packed with all the vibes. This track has got it all, with a catchy beat and tempo that ebbs and flows gracefully through your headphones and includes a vast assortment of clean percussion and extraterrestrial synths. Paired with vibrant DnB kicks and snares, “Losing Control” is an exquisite soul-cleanser.

“Pressure Point” is an absolute beast. This monstrous track showcases NOMIS’ flair at fabricating any genre his mind can think of, taking Infrared up a notch with a monumental build-up that leads into a riddim-laced drop of epic proportions. Choppy synths slice and dice and result in what will certainly be a crowd favorite!

“Ultrasonic” has a cascading intro that is a nice break from the mental explosion of “Pressure Point.” It doesn’t take long before Nomis.wav takes your breath away again though, gradually taking you deeper in before the energy builds up and explodes with dominant bass and tasteful effects. It’s hard to fathom the insanity that “Ultrasonic” would be when delivered on a main stage sound rig. I found this track to be a strong and savvy conclusion to Infrared and powerfully drives the project home with a magnificent force.

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