Denver-based duo Kyral x Banko have been making their mark in the underground bass world with their unique soundscapes and animated imagination. Along with their innovative music style, KxB built a cartoon universe dubbed “Snoitch,” delivering fans with otherworldly tunes accompanied by a fun captivating brand.

Kyral x Banko have released on Mersiv‘s MorFlo Records, Wakaan, LoFreq, and most recently Space Yacht Records. Their new effort “BOIN LOINS” finds a home on Wtf’s That Sound’s “Wtf’s That Compilation Vol. 5” which includes twenty-three tracks and thirty artists. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering the new Kyral x Banko banger.

“BOIN LOINS” is a wonky adventure that fits the vibe of the whacky “Snoitch” universe. The title is a nod to the classic Cartoon Network trippy cartoon Adventure Time, which is a favorite inspiration to Kyral x Banko in their sound design and beyond. A playful melody enters before the boin loinery begins that is crunchy throttling bass lines. The madness builds throughout and is sure to have heads nodding to the funky energy served up by Kyral x Banko in BOIN LOINS. You can catch the duo throwing down with a support spot on LSDREAM‘s upcoming tour in October. Here is what they had to say about the new HIHF premiere:

“This tune came together during a time period where we were really starting to dig deep and find our ‘signature’ sound and aesthetic. We’ve had it sitting in the unreleased vault for some time now, so we’re so stoked that it has a home with our friends at Wtf’s That Sound! 
In terms of the name, both of us are big Adventure Time fans. It’s been quite a big influence on the wonky ‘Snoitch’ universe we’ve been creating over the past few years. So one night, we were both watching an episode when we heard the Ice King say something along the lines of: “I’ve been hit in the boin loings!” We pushed rewind on that scene to make sure we heard it right, just dying laughing and thought it fit the whole vibe of the track and with our tendency to make up words for song names. Long story short, we had a good friend of ours record a bunch of boin loinery for the vocals that you’ll hear throughout, and we couldn’t be more thankful to HIHF for the premiere!” – Kyral x Banko

The full compilation also features tracks from Lavier, HEXED, Mport, and tons more talented producers. You can check out “BOIN LOINS” from Kyral x Banko and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below or on our socials!

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