After three shows in Denver yesterday to start off his hiatus, GRiZ has left fans with a tidal wave of bittersweet emotions and he’s topping it off by surprising us with a brand-new album, Ouroborus!

If you aren’t aware, earlier in 2023 the dubstep, saxophone, and glitch-hop legend announced to fans that he would be going on a hiatus, with no date to return to touring.

“Life is really good and I often make myself too busy to see where I am or how far this project has come,” GRiZ wrote in an Instagram post in June. “I’m following my gut instincts so for now, I’m not going to put a hard time limit on the break.” 

We absolutely love seeing GRiZ prioritize his personal life and mental health, but we’d be lying if we weren’t going to miss those radiant GRiZ live shows.

A few weeks back, to fill the void and dull the pain, GRiZ gifted fans a brand new SoundCloud exclusive mixtape, titled “ID Bible 1,” jam-packed with twenty-five of his most played-out live edits from the past few years.

Following the release of “ID Bible 1”, today we are getting new GRiZ music in the form of an eight-track, thirty-minute album. We are so gassed up to get some brand new GRiZ music right before his official hiatus.

“Drop In” and “In This World” are a bit more melodic and have laces of GRiZ’s iconic glitch hop and neuro-funk frequencies. While tracks like “Falling Flying” “Better From Here” and “Knucklepuck,” alongside close friend and frequent collaborator ProbCause, provide more of heavier, party starting, dubstep soundscapes.

“F a d i n g” provides fans a soothing, relaxing effort and would fit right into one of his iconic Chasing The Golden Hour mixtapes.

What did you think of Ouroborus from GRiZ? Are you gonna miss the EDM superstar as much as we are? Let us know what your favorite track from the new album was down below in the comments!

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