Ultra-talented experimental producers, Slang Dogs and Eugene, just joined forces to create yet another ground-breaking EP titled Iconoclast. Bringing intense heat and eerie, underground sounds, this masterpiece of an EP showcases the unique, ambient tones and innovative talents of these peculiar big-brained producers. 

Known for their immersive artwork, visuals, and low-end focused sound design, the San Francisco duo, Slang Dogs, have opened new doors in the scene with their filthy and boundary-pushing production skills. Making their debut in 2020, the pair has made waves touring alongside bass phenoms including Ravenscoon, G-REX, and Buku. They also have released multiple themed EPs on Bassrush records and collaborated with other genre-defying artists such as REAPER, MYTHM, Kumarion, Dank Frank and blurrd vzn

Also known for hybridizing versatile soundscapes and heavy basslines, Eugene is a Bay Area native melding his own vocals into his experimental tracks. Developing heavy bass, swung drum patterns, and a cohesive A/V experience with vocalization, this unique artist brings a new take on bass music. Just this past year, Eugene played one of the most iconic dubstep festivals in the world, Lost Lands. He has released music with our friends over at the Deadbeats label and has also toured alongside the dubstep icon, Eptic. 

This isn’t the first time these three distinctive artists got together to fuse their brain-scratching sounds and create a masterful listening experience. Just last year, in February 2022, The Dichotomy EP featured two engrossing tracks that teased fans with their harrowing synths and percussions. After a year’s wait, we finally have been graced with another team-up from these tastemakers who are redefining their sound. 

Iconoclast’s first track, Sulfur Skies, blends together Slang Dogs’ atmospheric synths with Eugene’s intense monster vocals and style. The eerie tune leads listeners through a dark journey as its soundscapes reverberate into deep, distorted bass. This certified anthem is sure to have you cranking up the volume to experience the madness that goes down.

The next track, “Moon Phase,” embellishes the artists’ diverse basslines and aberrant underground taste. The EP appears to have an underlying storyline and theme relating to nontraditional beliefs and nonconforming behavior, which is actually the definition of Iconoclast. These artists are known for their unique themed projects with underlying messages and Iconoclast only brings more admiration and individualism to their discography.

These three also collaborated on the abstract original artwork for the Iconoclast EP, assisting in their goals of creating a chilling, cohesive A/V listening experience with a story. Did you enjoy the inventive creations of the new Iconoclast EP from Eugene and Slang Dogs? Which track was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials! 

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