Moovy is a rising star heavy dubstep producer who has been on FIRE lately! The up-and-comer focuses on riddim style dubstep and has played festivals like EDC Orlando and SVDDEN DEATH’s Summoning of the Eclipse at The Caverns in Pelham Tennessee. She also provided direct support for one of the hottest names in dubstep, Leotrix, on his 2023 tour. Her 2023 ID showcase was one of our favorites of the year, you can check that out here.

Today, Moovy is stopping by for a filthy new HIHF guest mix, just in time for Halloween. Whether you are just handing out candy to trick-or-treaters or going out to a party or a show, get ready for your night with v118 of our HIHF guest mix series!

On her Halloween guest mix, Moovy has got a cavalcade of heavy dubstep heaters that are sure to get you headbanging, featuring both released and unreleased tunes from Reverend, Cromatik, Hukae, and of course, Moovy herself.

What did you think of Moovy’s Halloween HIHF guest mix? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to show Moovy love on social media!

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moovy – ID

moovy – ID

hukae – haze

hellrazer – death call

moovy x kill phil – ID

reverend x cromatik – ID

moovy – ID

sensate – get off me

reverend – ID

moovy – found footage

moovy – ID

moovy – ID

moovy – ID

malva – calabria

moovy – blade

moovy – ID

moovy – action

kill phil – ID

moovy – ID

moovy – jungle boogie

moovy – better off alone flip (barely alive remix)

moovy – end credits

jorei & kotori – decisive edge

bonzi – spoff

d00d x subcity – 45

moovy – ID

moovy x cromatik – ID

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