R3HAB is at it again, enhancing the success of his album in 2018. “Radio Silence,” was released in early August and was also a track on his album WAVE which was released in late August of 2018. You may remember this cool track from its laidback, tropical vibes and sweet, catchy melody. This week, he released the “Radio Silence” EP with 5 unique remixes of the track which features Jocelyn Alice. Here’s a quick breakdown of each.

Rainer + Grimm bring even more of a tropical beat to the song with added instruments like guitar, xylophone, bongos and more. Matthew Hill turns the track into a warped sounding dance-poppy, shuffling beat that still carries hints of Tropical House. Ryan Riback removes the tropical beat from the song and exchanges it for a clap beat and intensified drop- its more of a dancey/shuffly beat. King Arthur amps it up to a quicker pace with housey vibes and synths making it a super funky take on the song. Lastly, D-Wayne throws it a total mix up with a quick moving beat, crafting it into a turned-up banger.

Listen here to see which remix is your favorite!!


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