“Psychonaut” was one of the biggest releases of 2020, coming off of Liquid Stranger‘s massive Ascension EP. With an incredibly captivating intro that pulls you in and rips you apart once the drop hits, this was a track that made it onto many people’s best of the year playlist. Now think if eight talented artists each took a wild spin on it, and how those would sound. That is what we have year almost a year after the song was released. Today, we get the remix EP of all remix EPs! And boy, did this one deliver!

All of your favorite subgenres of bass are included in this epic EP. Each remix here was incredibly well produced and will please your ears more and more each time you listen. This ranges from legends to on the rise legends such as 12th PlanetLUZCID, MersivBlankeLICKKrischvnHydraulix, and AstroLizard. None of these producers’ remixes disappoint!

The remix pack begins with the original song and then kicks you right into 12th Planet‘s remix. The dubstep you know and love from such a revolutionary and impactful producer is very present on this opening remix. The mastermind, 12th Planet, who has put out banger after banger for over a decade, makes sure to break your neck with crazy sound the whole way through, and leaves you wanting more at the end. 12th Planet has shown no signs of slowing down any time soon and we were amped to see him included on this remix pack!

AstroLizard follows up next. This may be a name you haven’t heard of yet, but this producer immediately draws you in with insane dubstep sounds infused with insane trap vibes. AstroLizard absolutely kills this one, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

The banana-loving, Australia-based Blanke proceeds. Launching the session with the “Psychonaut” vocal, the epic rise comes in full force. A minute in, Blanke unleashes a jaw-dropping midtempo beat. This is a style he has totally mastered over the past few years. Blanke had a huge breakout year in 2020 and is primed to keep rising! We recently sat down and spoke with him in our exclusive interview, which you can check out here!

Another Australian producer, Hydraulix, kicks off his remix just as dark as he always begins his intros. He then adds a phenomenal blend of dubstep, trap, and dark bass to keep your ears peeled the entire listen. The flow of bass here is incredible, and kicks off his 2021 strong! Hydraulix is another name to keep your eye on if you are a fan of Wakaan! His Bruxism EP was one of our favorite releases of 2020.

Krischvn, fresh off of his Ketamine release a month ago, picks up right where he left off. This remix in particular is incredibly mesmerizing. Krischvn fuses scorching bass with heavy trap sounds and does it almost perfectly. We expect nothing less from the rising star!

The next producer is LICK. This is a name that many people may glance over, but LICK has turned everything he touches into gold. His take on “Psychonaut” is nothing short of wonky perfectness! We expect him to continue to impress this year as he continues to explore many more subgenres of EDM. He has a serious production gift and big things are in store for LICK.

Wakaan mainstay and longtime producer LUZCID brings us another wonky track fresh from the stash. This time around, he goes for a retro, trip-hop vibe. LUZCID is known to make his bass hits stand out, and here’s another example, with the track’s sheer uniqueness.

The last track here comes from fan-favorite Mersiv. Coming off his surprise release, Talkin Bout“, to kick off the year, Mersiv decided to surprise us once again with this masterful remake. Instead of just the glitchy bass he tends to provide, this remix is a pure bass house track with plenty of glitchy bass that his fans know and love. Mersiv delivered fourteen releases in 2020 and already has two under his belt for 2021. This upcoming talent is a certain force to be reckoned with.

All of these remixes are below for your very own enjoyment! Big thank you to Liquid Stranger and Wakaan for assembling this epic array of avengers to take on the psychonaut. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!

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