Lucii provided some killer support on Liquid Stranger’s nationwide Infinity tour. Today, the Bass up and comer brings us a brand new release through Liquid’s label, Wakaan. “Neptune” was premiered late last night through This Song Is Sick, and she’s been teasing it within her sets over the past few weeks. Enjoy the new track below and check out what Lucii had to say about her new release, becoming the first woman to release through the Wakaan label.

Neptune is about my personal struggle with feeling really alone. It was written to try and work myself out of a dark place. Many people battle with depression and don’t know how to rid themselves of their demons. For me- the best way to cleanse myself is to write and because of my love for space – the idea that being left on a planet away from everyone seemed like a far enough distance away to get my point across. I think it is important to acknowledge our dark side and allow ourselves and work through the pain in a healthy way. Releasing on Wakaan is such an honor. This has always been a major goal of mine and I hope this inspires women everywhere to never give up on your dreams 👽


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