Accompanied by a stunning, colorful visual, Neutropical is Mark Redito’s first full-length album in 6 years. The LA-based producer had taken some time off to soul seek and hone his artistry. While much has changed in both the world and the music industry since his last full-length album Desire, his journey over the past few years ultimately led him to reassess his writing process and to the discovery of Tropical Futurism, a cultural aesthetic inspired by Afro-Futurism.

In Neutropical, Redito pays respect to the island culture he grew up with and finds hope in the culture’s resilience despite its past oppressions and hardships. Redito is an artist truly comfortable and content in his own skin and the cohesive nature of the pop-inspired LP journals his personal journey of where he was, where he is, and where he is headed.

Following years of self-discovery, Neutropical is the start of a new era in his career. Check it out below!

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