Auston Collins aka Au5 is known for his Downtempo electronic music, Melodic Dubstep, and Trance. It’s pretty clear when you listen to Auston’s music that it is profoundly influenced by psychedelics. Dreamy and otherworldly tunes harmonize in his music. Auston made his debut for Monstercat Records in May of 2013, creating a strong bond/relationship that still lasts to this day.

Au5 recently teamed with Mr. Bill on their The Recency Effect collab album which dropped last year but his newest full-length project, Divinorum, has been three years in the making. Au5 tells us a story with his new LP. Each song serving as a soundtrack to his internal experiences. Despite constantly releasing with Monstercat, Auston decided to release Divinorum independently. He begins the album with an epic tune by the name of “Stargate”

“Stargate,’ to me, is about the acknowledgment of our shortcomings, mortality, and flaws. With that acceptance, we realize the boundless potential that awaits once we “let go” of our attachment to ideas that hold us back. In the context of the album, it defines approaching the point where we are able to transform ourselves and break through into the divine realm.” – Au5

The album’s title track features Nori and positively radiates through the speakers with dynamic energy and sparkling riffs.

Highly amorphous basslines accompanied by dreamy vocals and beautiful synths, Au5 takes it to another level of psychedelic freeform bass. This album is refreshing in today’s world of electronic music and we’re gonna have it on all summer long. Enjoy Divinorum below!

“Divinorum in this context translates to “[things] of the divine.” The album is about a journey traversing through a series of different realms beyond reality.”  – Au5

*Write-up by Peter Jacus”


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