On Friday, Autograf released Love & Retrograde, their first EP since Future Soup back in 2016. Upon release, Autograf took to twitter to summarize what the 19-minute EP means to the trio:

“The last 2 years represented the highest and lowest points of our lives both musically and personally. This EP is the result of these hardships and tells our story and how it made us stronger and more optimistic than ever before.”

Amid personal struggles with their families and relationships, Autograf found themselves in a prolonged creative drought. Confusions and questions replaced the joy in their lives. But it wasn’t until their worlds came crashing down that they developed a newfound appreciation and love for music, which led them to leap back into the studio and finish drafts.

Now, Autograf (Mikul Wing, Louis Kha and Jake Carpenter) stands tall and proud as they release their glorious five-track EP Love & Retrograde. Including features from WYNNE, The Griswolds, and John Splithoff, Love & Retrograde returns us to Autograf’s signature sound; the EP contains dance-floor roots with a balance between downtempo moods, playful future pop melodies, and hard-hitting club beats. We’re happy to know that this is just the beginning, and a full-length album is soon to follow.

“Test The Waters” featuring WYNNE is my personal favorite from the album. Louis Kha explained the track in depth during Autograf’s interview with Billboard:

“‘Test the Waters’ has much more melodrama. It’s more emotional and really downtempo. It’s not meant for a club at all. It’s completely meant for you to listen and feel, whereas some of the other tracks done in the winter had a different purpose. It reflects who we’re becoming. ‘Test the Waters’ was who we were and how we dealt with it. After that, it’s who we’re going to become.”

Check out Love & Retrograde below, and make sure to catch Autograf on their tour!


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