Luca Lush has been one of our favorite producers for years and we were so happy to have been able to join him at the Washington D.C. stop of his Another Life Tour. In terms of producing some of the most innovative and groundbreaking remixes, few do it better than Luca. Not only are his “lifts” and “flips” brilliant, but his originals are some of his most intricate and impressive works as well.

Luca tore up Soundcheck Nightclub, on K St., in D.C a few months back and we can’t wait to link up with him again soon.

His show also featured Montell2099 (pictured below), who should be on your radar as one of the most booming, up and coming Trap names. The NZ producer has even worked with 21 Savage, on their collab “Hunnid On The Drop“.



We captured a few great moments from the night, both via photo and our exclusive, very-casual sitdown with boy-brushed blue Luca Lush.

Check out our back and forth below. We dive deep into industry questions to favorite anime series to favorite Coen brothers films, it’s a very fun read!


Alright, let’s do it. Heard it here first with Luca Lush, sitting down on his Another Life tour.

For you, what got you into making music?

LL: I was into screamo music very heavily and I was dating goth girls at the mall, ya know. So that was.. I wanted to be cool to those girls, you know with the coon tail, and the swoops and the colored hair, and the MySpace shit. When I was like in high school, I was super into that entire scene.

What were your favorite bands back in the day?

LL: Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, a lot of stuff from New Jersey, New York that whole tri-state area’s local scene I guess that ended up blowing up.

Did you go to those festivals (referencing Warped Tour & Bamboozle)?

LL: Yeah, I went to Warped Tour every year, for like 5 years, 6 years like since I was like 13 until I left for school. That’s when I kinda stopped. I played in like hardcore, metal, screamo bands and I would do drums and I would scream. And that’s how I got into music. But I didn’t get into dance music until college.


So I wanna know the root of the Luca Lush name. When did you know?

LL: Have you ever used an Ouija board before?

I have not

LL: Ah word…(pause)

Is that where it came from?

LL: Maybe…

I guess I just gotta try it out (laughs) Can I grab a water?

LL: Yeah you wanna beer, you want a water?

I think I’m good actually. Gotta cut the lb’s.

LL: We always get a rider and then any time I have people come through they’re just like “I’m good”.

I’ll take some whoppers I guess. Alright, so what’s next for you?

LL: Uh… there’s a lot of stuff I can’t say but it’s dope (*hints at Chainsmokers collab*)

That’s a great answer though.

LL: Let’s start with the stuff I can say. Quix and I just did a release on Dim Mak. I also did a remix for his track Earthquake on his last EP.

With Bok Nero?

LL: Yeah it was sick.

He goes hard.

LL: He goes super hard. I met him at Moonrise also yeah! He’s this blue haired rapper. So I saw him and we were just like “ayyy!” 


We loved your Moonrise set by the way.

LL: Aw thank you. I have a few other singles that we’re signing right now that will come out over the course of the next few months or so. So right after the tour is gonna be a bunch of music and then I’ll probably shit out a bootleg or two in between.

As well as that? As you always do. You’re always remixing or flipping something new.

LL: I do that like once a month. I’m like eh I wanna flip something for the set.

Alright so as I said you have crate boxes full of remixes. I think a lot of people stumble across your music probably through of one of your remixes. Here’s a question, I don’t know if you have an answer to. How many Soundcloud uploads do you think you have?

LL: Uhm, I know the ones that aren’t out is probably close to 500. But I would say maybe 100 or so. It’s been at least since like 2015, it’s probably been at least 25 a year. Something like that so probably 2 albums worth every year.

That’s amazing. That shows the grind.

LL: It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of music. Not as much as Mr. Carmack and not as much as some of these people though. You know, that’s the model I looked after when I was starting. I was like, “Oh, you just put out a ton of shit. You write even more stuff than you put out, but you put out just as much as you can”

I imagine that’s where you’re growing a lot too.

LL: Yeah, well not Soundcloud anymore. Now Soundcloud’s like [sinking noise] but Spotify we’re doing fine.


Alright, next one. You just told me about your collab with Quix. Who else?

LL: We also got me and Sadkey’s. I just was in the studio with AtLast the other day. We have this crazy- it’s almost like if mid-tempo was all the sounds of the Porter Robinson “Static Snow” remix that the entire genre has been so fond of- mid-tempo – imagine those sounds at 155 BPM. So almost like hardstyle but with those like electro sounds. It’s very interesting. It has a Space Jam sample right now, we’re probably gonna take it out [cause we’re not gonna be able to clear it since its an original].

Dream B2B?

LL: Rustie or Porter. Porter in his current phase, in his Virtual Self-phase.

Rustie is not a name I’ve heard for a while.

LL: Yeah I know cause he’s been in rehab or whatever, God bless, hopefully, he gets better. But yeah he was in the studio with Danny Brown, “Attak”– So all the weird future bass chordy shit with those thumpin’ big 808s, that was Rustie. He put out a few albums in early 2011 that were basically the foundation of future bass as basically, half tempo, chord heavy, melodically driven hip hop music. So yeah that would be huge. I saw him in a warehouse in LA in 2015 I wanna say and god damn it was one of the craziest sets I’ve ever seen. There was like 1000 people there. He was playing a weird mix of happy hardcore- he played “Attak” and a bunch of other stuff. So it was hardstyle and happy hardcore. But that’s where he gets a lot of his stuff.

And that’s kinda what people are doing today.

LL: Yeah it kinda came full circle. He even was ahead of that curve as well.

As he did with future bass. All you beat makers (in awe) I can’t fathom it. That’s why I love blasting it and writing about it. Doing what I can, I wish I could cook up some beats. I fuck around with guitar a little bit, ya know where I shine truly? The bongo. I have a bongo in my apartment, I fuck around with it all the time.

LL: Dude, that’s such a weird flex. But like a good flex. Not like weird flex but okay, like, good flex.

(Laughs) Thanks, thanks.

Alright, this is awesome, I can’t wait to hear about this. Tell us a little bit about the InGame/Minecraft festival. How it came together? Who else was involved? I just wanna hear about that.

LL: So I didn’t have any personal involvement with setting it up. There’s a camp, very good up and coming young kids. Ya got like Mash Tramp, UMRU, Sleepy Cat, all these kids who set this festival up and they had done actually one before and I knew about it cause of my buddy Y2K.

Yeah, so that came about. I saw Ari, Y2K. He was playing that and I stopped in and it was really funny. I thought it was really cool. One of the guys hit me up, it was actually Chandler Riggs who was also involved with it, he was a friend of mine and he was like, “Hey man would you be down to throw a set for the next one?” So that was Coal-chella & this was Fire Fest. And I was like yeah sure. It was cool, like I’m down to do it. So it was me, (Ekali) played,  Hudson Mohawk played a set-insane. Yeah HudMo was like B2B with Lil Hank, which is a dog technically. They’re cool. It’s a cute puppy. It was a great set, there was some unreleased HudMo in there. Very cool shit, very forward thinking. And I’m obviously a huge Hudson Mohawk fan. I’m sure he doesn’t give a fuck about me and that’s okay. He did TNGHT & “Chimes”. He put the EDM trap sound on the map.

Was Higher Ground just….everything?

Higher Ground the whole EP was I think honestly game changing. You didn’t hear a lot of that sort of style in mainstream electronic music until that EP. And even though a lot of people might not be able to name-check them, I think that’s really the root–  tastemaker root of where that sound sort of propagated.

Kind of like RL Grime? Baauer? Flostradamus? Sort of the OG Trap tastemakers.

LL: I mean they’re all in the same scene. RL, Baauer, all of that was the same circle. I remember I saw Baauer in 2011 MDP in Brooklyn and he did an AMAZING set. And it was just so ahead of the curve at that time. I was just blown away.

Last music question is, who would you say are your biggest inspirations?

LL: I feel like it changes a lot, from day to day. Right now, like today, I listened to Bring Me the Horizon just had a new album that was incredibly electronic and pop influenced, Amo. And I used to listen to them in my scene days, fantastic album. Amo. Is really cool. there’s a grimes feature. I was like “what? No fucking way! grimes?!” and it’s really good. So, that, I’ve been listening to that a lot lately.

Modern Baseball which is like an emo band. I don’t listen to as much electronic music for influence any more because I feel like it’s also a little bit more saturated in the sense that I wanna be pulling from sources outside of where everyone else is. In the traditional sense obviously, Rustie, Porter, HudMo, Baauer, RL Grime, Chris Lake for house acts. Tiga, Flying Lotus is a huge one. MGMT, Burial and Four Tet, huge in the chiller aspect of things.

For heavier stuff, Excision, obviously huge tastemaker for so many years. I could go on and on. MGMT, who else was in that sort of scene? I still listen to like a lot old Kid Cudi I still listen. No matter what weird shit Kanye does, I still like the music he puts out and I will try to remove his weird political rants and stuff from the music cause it’s still really good. He’s a phenomenal producer.

I love to hear that. We’re big Kanye fans. We actually just did an interview with graves.

LL: Oh yeah, Christian! I love Christian.

He’s awesome.

LL: He has that collab with RL actually. Arcus. Fantastic track.

We did the interview and I timed it right so we could drop it with his song. And I said give me a Kanye West anecdote and he said, “I’d have to kill you but I can say he’s not like the crazy Kanye you see now and that’s not the Kanye I knew”. And I was like alright that’s a perfect answer. And thank you for even talking about it.

LL: He was in a focused moment when Christian decided to go out, cause he’s from Hawaii. The reason why he had a chance at that is cause he was at a studio in Hawaii. He was just right place, right time.

And Kid Cudi.

LL: Yeah. Christian is a great guy. We talked about collabing before and he sent me one thing actually like 2 years ago when we were in Hawaii. But I never cracked at it. Maybe we’ll come around to it again. We’ll see.

Let’s bang these personal questions out. We can do them quickly and this is maybe the only hard one I have.

Touring can take a lot out of you. What’s your number one relaxation method?

LL: Meditation probably. That would be the best one, I think, the healthiest one. Cause [touring] is very stressful. If it was a bus tour it would be way easier cause the biggest stress for me is flights. Getting on flights, getting through security, getting shitty food at the fucking- gah!- it’s terrible, that’s the worst part. But actually, getting places is fine. People are always like, “oh you get to travel so much” And I’m like, I really don’t like the travelling part that much, I like the arriving. It’s not the movement part or really the lack of movement cause you’re sitting on a fucking plane.

Who likes that?

LL: I don’t know, some people apparently do, but not me.

I don’t know if you are, I’m sure you are true to your fake Spotify stat things. What animes are you watching right now?

LL: Run with the Wind, highly recommend. It’s an anime about track and field and cross country and it’s actually really good. So it’s kinda like Slice of Life but yeah it’s sick. Cause it’s like a team and some people on the team that suck and some people that are great. It’s very real. So I just finished Ari Zero return from another —It’s the show where the guy can’t die. You can watch it. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve watched. Its from like last year, I think or the year before. Now someone’s gonna hate me cause i just got into anime cause I’m seeing a Japanese girl.

What was the other one I just started? Oh, Mob Psycho, second season. Fantastic, better than the first. You know One Punch Man? So it’s the same creators who did that. And at first I kinda had some of the same issues I had with One Punch Man, like the protagonist is just too fucking strong and there’s no character development. But they fixed that (?) in the second one. Clearly, they’re not listening to my internal thoughts about the fucking anime. I’m not qualified in that regard. The animation is phenomenal though. You should really check that out.

Here’s my portfolio, I’d say I’m an amateur, fucked with a little Naruto, Death Note, Bleach–

LL: All the old classics from Tsunami, yeah. That’s all I knew before, and then I started seeing a Japanese girl who ya know shes like no we’re watching the subtitles and I’m like “Okay, word.” I didn’t realize how much better they are with subtitles cause the voice acting is just generally better. For the subs it’s better and for the dubs its terrible. Except with Cowboy Bebop. Cowboy Bebop’s dub is amazing.

That’s probably my number one recommended. Now I want you to give me a couple more recommendations. The one I just finished was Fullmetal Alchemist.

LL: Amazing. In that same vein, Yu Yu Hakusho. Did you watch that?

I fucked with a little Yu Yu Hakusho.

LL: Go back and watch the sub, that’s what I did recently I was like damn. Ya remember Botan? Botan is a baddie. But only in the sub, in the dub she’s got this low ass American voice. But in the sub she’s got a cute little high-pitched voice. I’m like “Ah sick!”.  Darling and the Franxx, I’m sure you heard, it was all the rage. With two x’s. It’s kinda like a mecha anime but it’s much more character oriented. Fantastic. That was really good. Mob Psycho, check out Mob Psycho.

People really liked The Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime. I didn’t cause I thought it was too self-indulgent, too explanatory. There was so much fucking -BLAH- and I was like just show me what’s going on, I don’t give a fuck about— but a lot of people really liked it.

Oh, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. It’s a bait and switch. It’s a clickbait kind of thing because you think it’s gonna be like a Hentai anime almost and its not! It’s actually a very good coming of age story. It’s really heartwarming and it was one of my favorite ones of last year too.

Okay reluctantly moving forward from our Anime discussion. Give me something you’re watching film or TV, not anime.

LL: I don’t fucking watch shit these days. I’ll watch stand up.

Personally, I think your Twitter game is fantastic, as is your Instagram game. If you had to keep one meme page on Instagram what would it be?

LL: Dude, I fucking hate all the meme pages because they make you follow them! Here’s the thing. Like I was gonna follow until you made it private until my friend sent me a link, and then I have to follow.

‘Unavailable’…so annoying.

LL: Yeah, like come on! I was gonna follow any way but it just pisses me off. But its kinda like that thing, “Oh you have to follow to download this track” What the hell?

You do that dude!

LL: We’ve all done that. (Laughs)


If you could have lunch with one comedian, who would it be?

LL: Oh, Hannibal Burress, very quick on that one. Dead or alive? Mitch Hedberg.

Wow, rest in peace. Desert Island comedy film? Like if you had to watch one comedy the rest of your life, on a desert island, that somehow had TV.

LL: Oh shit. That’s a tough one. My first instinct is to say Anchorman but then if you really extend the idea of comedy I would say the Big Lebowski. Cause it’s like a dark comedy right. I know Anchorman is a little more low-brow? But it’s a classic. It’s become a classic. There are still so many quotables from Anchorman. Big Lebowski’s just like dude I get like, I’ve seen that movie like 20 times and sometimes I’m like “oh shit I totally didn’t notice like this one thing.” Like Coen Brothers are fucking sick.  

Did you see their new western? You should check it out if you have time. It’s called the Ballad of Buster Scruggs. It’s a western, Coen Brothers brothers and it’s an anthology. So it’s like 6 different short—-

LL: I can’t remember did the Coen Brothers also do No Country For Old Men?

Yeah, they did.

LL: Oh yeah. They did, that’s amazing, Fargo was amazing as well.

You know what I haven’t seen is Serious Man.

LL: Oh, Burn After Reading was also them, right?

I’m pretty sure.

LL: Yeah yeah. That was great!

It’s good…

LL: It’s good- it’s not their best one but it’s still better than a lot of other people’s movies. I just saw the Departed actually like a few months ago for like the first time.

One of my all time favorites, What did you think?

LL: It’s fucking amazing, like the best movie ever. It’s the best like cop thriller movie I’ve ever seen. And people have told me before (in a mocking voice) ‘You’ve never seen the Departed before? Dude, there’s so many good fucking actors in Departed’. And I was like – eh eh eh-fuck it whatever– and then finally I saw it and I was like damn, yeah yeah. It’s really that good.

Yeah, whenever there’s something that people tell you that much about. And you’re like ‘ah, fuck!’

LL: Well at that point you become set in your ways.

Ya know what the biggest thing like that is– and I don’t know if you’re a fan or not- is Game of Thrones.

LL: Dude I am not a fan of Game of Thrones. I’ve tried like five times to get into it. Here’s my problems: I love history, I love maps, and I love politics. And it just feels like they just use this as like a little filler for what is basically a drama a very traditional drama. These aren’t the forefront elements that I like to watch on the history channel, like really nerdy shit.

You watch Vikings?

LL: Yeah, yeah!

So similar to Game of Thrones.

LL: Yeah but it was a little bit more grounded. I know it’s like a fantasy world, that’s not my issue with it. Is like the focus is more on something that I get out of like watching a good Coen Brothers Movie. Is like that character interplay and stuff where I’m like interested and like yeah she’s the mother of dragons can we go into that a bit more? And then they don’t care and it’s like- But I liked it when that guy. What’s his name when he got his hand cut off?


LL: When Jamie Lannister got his hand cut off, that was a cool arc. When he was with the woman who-

Brianne of Tarth

LL: That was crazy. That was a cool arc. That was the only one I really enjoyed. A lot of the other stuff just seemed pretty trivial but getting your hand cut off. It was bleak. It was just very dark, I like that. And I know the whole thing is dark. I don’t know I just can’t get into it. Like as much as people are into it.

Seems like you were pretty into it!

LL: I was into that one arc cause I was like smoking a lot of weed at the time and living at my buddy’s place. But it was cool. I think everyone should be able to enjoy what they want to enjoy. So I’m not hating on anybody who enjoys Game of Thrones. You can continue to do that, and even if I’m in your house and it’s on, I’ll watch it with you. But I will be very critical of it.

You heard it here first. If Game of Thrones is on in your house, Luca Lush will watch it with you.

LL: Like I’ll start walking into people’s houses.

Did you hear about that about Bill Murray, I think he does that.

LL: Dude I fucking met Bill Murray.

No, you didn’t (in shock).

LL:  Yes, I did. On the street in New York.

Do you know there’s a documentary about it on Netflix I think? It’s all random stories of people, cause he does all this- he like crashes weddings and stuff

LL: Well it was me and my dad and we ran into him like in Manhattan and my dad‘s a fucking troll so he was just like “Yo Bill what’s up, how you doing I haven’t seen you in years!” and he played it so well because like if you’re Bill Murray, you get that enough that you probably have forgotten enough people so he had like a 20 minute conversation with my dad and I was like 15 at the time so. Cause my dad was like a huge Bill Murray buff so he was like referencing things in ways that made it seem like he was part of those things (laughing) . It was the funniest thing. After he walked away, I was like how did you- and he was like I’ve watched so many Bill Murray films

That’s a legendary move.

LL: I said a few words like it was more like I watched my dad have like an in-depth troll with Bill Murray. I was there. He’s really tall.

Let’s do the last question. Very easy, but it may be very hard. Blue or purple?

LL: Oh that’s tough. I mean purple’s still my favorite color, low key. And all the early art was always purple

Is all the art not still purple?

LL: It still has some purple hues, but its not straight like when it started when I was like just throw a purple filter on this shit. But it worked people say when I see the purple I know its Luca Lush.

What about the hair?

LL: The blue is for convenience cause its easier to upkeep. But maybe back to purple actually.


Well, Luca thanks so much for chatting with us. We can’t wait for what’s next and of course, will continue to cover and support your many bangers–keep ‘em coming!

Be sure to support Luca Lush on socials and Soundcloud/Spotify! Also, peep his set from EDC Las Vegas here!





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