Luca Lush has been a prominent force on the music scene for over ten years, beginning his career releasing iconic, infectious remixes via SoundCloud, taking on artists like Travis Scott, Drake, MGMT, and loads more. Since then, he has released a myriad of efforts garnering millions of streams via Spotify. His remix of Desiigner‘s “Panda” is his most-streamed single, earning over thirteen million streams.

Today, Luca Lush is colliding with the up-and-coming producer, VARI. VARI’s sound is super edgy and he is well-known for his head-banging anthems. The two talented producers have combined their creativity to deliver fans their single, “Spectral Sequence”, which is featured on SLANDER’s new Heaven Sent imprint.

This futuristic track hits home with melodic bass and a steady tempo. The track is accompanied by stunning vocals that tug at heartstrings, as the vocalist professes the need to be close by to their lover. Both producer’s unique styles work cohesively to deliver an original track that will resonate across the broad spectrum of genres that embody the EDM world.

We had the chance to interview Luca Lush back in June 2019, you can check that out here.

This innovative banger is what we needed to jump start our weekend. How does Luca Lush and VARI’s latest single make you feel? Let us know in the comments and Heard It Here First’s socials!


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