Bonnaroo is an annual pilgrimage to Manchester, TN for part of our team here at Heard It Here First. We wanted to share with our many readers what our highlights of the weekend were. Enjoy our top ten sets of Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival! Let us know who your favorite sets of the weekend were below!

Pictured below is Dombresky on Kalliope Soundstage and ZHU on The Other Stage, both are our Honoroble Mentions for this list.



10. Shlump Solo Set at Walter Production’s Kalliope Soundstage

4am Saturday morning, Shlump appears at Kalliope Soundstage and blesses us with a secret set. This was a big highlight of the weekend for Bassheads across the farm. Playing a primarily Deep Dub set, Shlump really showed us his mixing abilities with this one. Even though he stunned in his b3b with Space Jesus and Eprom the night before, this Kalliope set was something special.

We kind of felt like every set a producer played at Kalliope they played a very similar set on The Other Stage (of course, besides Huxley Anne, Esseks, and Freddy Todd, who were brought to Bonnaroo as a part of Space Jesus and friends late-night Kalliope takeover the night prior). I won’t name (DJ’s) names, but in NO WAY was this the case for Shlump. This man for sure had the top show at Kalliope all weekend.

9. Space Jesus at The Other Stage

It’s pretty clear Space Jesus loves the roo. During his b3b set, he exclaimed: “Bonnaroo 2018 was the best festival I’ve experienced!” This year, he showed love and made six different on-stage appearances between The Other Stage and Kalliope. His solo performance attracted one of the biggest crowds at The Other. With his always trippy visuals and his non-stop banger after banger set, Space Jesus at the Other is always can’t miss.

Jasha really embraced the farm this year. He even caught Phish’s Friday night headlining performance! As the only act booked this year that was also booked last Bonnaroo, is there any way that he could be back for a third? Is Jeezy is coming for Chance The Rapper, who is the people’s ‘Mayor of Bonnaroo’? I hope so.

8. AC Slater at The Other Stage

The self-proclaimed king of heavy Bass House brought the ruckus to The Other Stage Sunday night. The third to last act of the weekend at the home to thousands of Bonnaroo bassheads, AC Slater took the trophy for best House set of the festival in our eyes. AC delved into his massive array of filthy House heaters including but certainly not limited to “Missing You” w/ Tchami, “Fly Kicks“, “Bass Inside“, and “Ultra Hype“.

7. RL Grime at The Other Stage

RL Grime crushed The Other Stage this year. The Festival Trap legend and continued tastemaker brought a brand new 2019 performance to the farm. Opening with a new “Core” edit into his unreleased G Jones “In Your Head” remix, Henry Steinway left Bonnaroovians floored just minutes into his awe-inspiring set.

Throwing multiple throwbacks into his mix ranging from Diplo’s “Revolution” to Skrillex’s “Promises” to his own massive Chief Keef “Love Sosa” remix, these jams were the perfect compliment RL Grime’s artillery of new bangers off his new NOVA album. This show was certainly something else.

Check out the first ten-fifteen minutes below!

6. Illenium at The Other Stage

Illenium’s set was awesome. Of the four or five times I’ve seen him, this was definitely my favorite. Packed with exhilarating fireworks and live-edits, Illenium’s return to the farm had something for everyone.

Illenials came in full force to the Other Stage for maybe what was the most packed show of the weekend. He included new live-edits into his set and even mashed up Porter Robinson’s “Shelter” into his infamous mega-mash that already included Porter’s “Divinity“, Illenium’s own “Where’d You Go“, Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go?“, and a few other staple tracks for the bay area native.

Although some prefer Illenium’s full live band performance, his Other Stage set had headbanger’s in tears and sadboys/girls going home with broken necks.

Dabin, Illenium’s touring guitarist, was the cherry on top of the set. Him shredding on top of Illenium’s massive drops was that perfect Bonnaroo touch. He also had an awesome 2019 release, his Wild Youth album, which we highly recommend. These two absolutely crushed it Sunday night, for the final performance at the Other Stage.

5. G Jones at The Other Stage

G Jones threw down a massive Ineffable Truth set for his return to the Other Stage. Bonnaroovians came out in the masses to see Greg throw down his artillery of bangin’ tunes. His set didn’t only consist of new music from his Ineffable Truth album, but it also included a couple throwback jams as well as a few new, hopefully, upcoming releases. We captured two unreleased tracks we really enjoyed, check ’em out below!

4. Eprom b2b Shlump b2b Space Jesus at The Other Stage

This Thursday night show was definitely special. Space Jesus not only was joined by two spectacular production talents, Shlump and Eprom, but the whole set they were shouting out rising DJ/Producers in the experimental/freeform Bass scene.

The visuals were off the walls. It included live VJing from T-Money, who Space Jesus proclaimed mid-set ‘was the true fourth in their b4b performance’.

This was truly a set to remember. Being the first, and likely the last b3b with these three monster producers, it was an absolute treat. Over 2 hours of Deep Bass at the Other Stage was an incredible way to kick off the weekend.

3. Jade Cicada at The Other Stage

Jade Cicada was my personal favorite show of the festival, going into it and never seeing Skyler before I was amped as ever for a more downtempo styled The Other Stage show. Although there were small doses of chilled, relaxing sections, Jade threw down and left the farm in shambles.

His visuals were also nuts, provided by Tennessee native and Heard It Here First favorite Steve Haman. You can check out our post-coverage of Haman Chicago’s Lunar Tide festival here. Haman provided live VJing for the Chicago festival, and after seeing him twice I can definitely say — Bonnaroo bring him back next year, please!!

The two artists (Jade and Haman) absolutely transformed the Other Stage and brought us a visual, audio experience like no other this year.

2. GRiZ at The Which Stage

With a supporting cast of Jennifer Hartwick, ProbCause, and best friend and touring guitarist Muzzy Bear, this GRiZ show sent out booming rays of positivity for all of the farm to feel.

I heard tons of old and new friends, some who aren’t into Electronic music at all and some who are even ‘over’ GRiZ’ sound, who were all BLOWN AWAY by his Ride Waves performance this year at The Which Stage. His Superjam was pretty sick too.

The Michigan funk-master just dropped a brand new EP yesterday, you can peep that here. He even played one of the new releases, “Ice Cream“, during his already very melty set.

1.  Liquid Stranger at The Other Stage

Martin Staaf, aka Liquid Stranger, totally showed Bonnaroovians what he was capable of. Throwing down one of the most exciting shows of the festival, both audio and visually, the Wakaan label founder and Bass music tastemaker absolutely portalled the audience late Friday night.

Liquid had multiple special guests. He brought out Vern Knows for his verse on Jetpacks, Freddy Todd, Wakaan labelmate and Funky Bass producer, to premiere a new track from his Wreckulous EP, and he even brought close friend and frequent collaborator Space Jesus out for a twenty minute b2b to finish off his legendary set.

Check out some of our number one DJ set of Bonnaroo below!

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