sfam is one of the biggest booming names on the New Orleans Bass circuit. Consisting of long-time friends Michael and Jacob, the duo has been playing huge shows across the country over the past couple years, and recently just announced they’d be tagging along with Buku and Esseks for a couple stops on their nationwide tour later on this summer.

They are also slated to play massive Bass gatherings like Excision’s Lost Lands Festival and Iowa festival 515 Alive.

The duo’s releases are all of the ultra-wobbly yet still Trapped-out sound design. We’ve covered tons of their bangers over the past year or so; “On The Block” ft. Bàwldy and “Ductile” are two of our favorites.

sfam just dropped a killer new mix with Beatlab Radio that was packed with unreleased music. We had the chance to speak to the quickly-rising up and comers to chat their new mix, their musical roots, and what the future holds for sfam! Check the conversation out below. Tracklist under the interview.

(featured photo from Whitney Tucker)


How did you two meet?

We grew up playing soccer together. Known each other since we were like ten years old!

What can you tell us about the NOLA Bass scene? We’ve done interviews with TVBOO and Klutch in the past.

It’s at a high point for sure. There have never been this many artists coming up at once from this same area.

How do you try and separate yourselves from all the good Bass music coming out?

We just make whatever we want. It’s not about separation really, just making what you wanna make.

Who are a few of your biggest inspirations?

Michael: Mr. Carmack, Eprom, Tsuruda

Jacob: G Jones & Skrillex!

You just released a brand new mix jam-packed with unreleased music, what can you tell us about your BeatLab mix?

We wanted to showcase all our new music along with our homies’ new music. We rarely do mixes so when we do we like to jampack them with unreleased music.

Any upcoming collabs you can tell us about?

We have collabs in the works/finished with Mersiv, um.., Nastynasty, Eazybaked, TVBOO, and more!

You seem to have some Trap roots in your music, is there any inspiration there?

Michael: I listened to mostly hip hop growing up as I still do. I love hip hop drums. 

Jacob: I’ve always loved trappy stuff dating back to the early Floss(tradamus) days.



Photo from Kaitlyn Villars

What is one festival (not Buku or Voodoo!) that you aspire to play one day?


What about one venue? Can be anywhere in the world.

Meow Wolf (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

What are you listening to right now?

Michael: I’ve been listening to a lot of J.I.D, Bas, Mac Miller (always)

Jacob: Wiz Khalifa & Akon

What are you watching right now??

Michael: I’ve been watching the women’s world cup.

Jacob: The college world series because I’m a Michigan fan.

What is the root of the ‘sfam’ name?

Don’t worry about it ::)

What about one or two dream collabs?

Dream collab would definitely be Mr. Carmack

What’s next for y’all?

We have Lost Lands, 515 Alive, and a couple more announcements coming soon!

Well thanks so much to the sfam boys for chatting with us, these two are rising stars and certainly ones to watch. Support them on socials below!

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