Chet Porter is back! After years of providing support for Odesza, Alison Wonderland, Louis The Child, Jai Wolf, and tons of other booming dance industry heavyweights, the Canadian producer has returned to our hearts with his first release in over three years.

Refreshed and Inspired, this new track marks the beginning of an onslaught of new music from Porter. Enjoy the “The Longest Day Ever” below and check out what Chet Porter had to say regarding his new work, out now through Ultra Music.

“The Longest Day Ever” feels like a good launching point for the new music. I made it in a day just randomly in my bedroom when I was supposed to be finishing other music, and I knew right away it was gonna be the first song I put out. The whole thing is actually just a demo, really. The vocals are the rough idea I recorded into my phone, I hadn’t even written anything down yet. I tried re-tracking them for real but they just didn’t have the same vibe. The song is about not caring about anything, so sonically it’s actually kind of suiting. It’s not a “fun care-free” type of not caring, though. it’s more melancholy,” – Chet Porter


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