Scrolling back through his credits on this blog alone, it should be clear what a spectacularly huge year mind-and-genre-bending producer Kaivon has had in 2019. Pumping out hits to the clip of a release a month, Kaivon has carried the evolution of the electronic genre on the back of his long, luscious locks.

The latest release, “Open Your Mind,” begins with a harmonically twisted chorus of vocals christening the supposed transformation before it is warped into a supposed renaissance of glitchcore. With damp, synthesized snare beats pushing a two-bar double-time build through the track’s brief but emphatic run time, listeners will be longingly impressed by the concision and compositional simplicity – contrasting modern pop sensibilities of milking a tune for all that it is worth, Kaivon makes no attempt to overstay his welcome in delivering a tight and imaginative soundscape demanding repetitive listens to satiate.

Kaivon has long been a revolutionary artist wrought with terse thematic elements through his impressively lyrical instrumentals. His 2016 opener “Reborn” set the tone for a musical narrative that has blossomed into a symbolic metamorphosis revolving around his constant growth as an artist. A three-track EP in 2019 set the stage for the next step in his artistic development with motifs moving from rebirth to the release’s eponymous Transformation.

It is impossible to predict what musical identities and ideas Kaivon will bring to the table next, but, needless to say, we are stoked to witness the continual development and rise of an artist beyond music as he begins to carve out a creative niche of his own. “Open Your Mind” will be a hard act to follow, but we have no doubt that he will find a unique and incredible way to continue upping the ante.


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