Coming off a quiet year of releases in 2019, multi-national electronic duo Acrillics has hit the ground running in the new year. With a smattering of diverse sounding singles through an equally eclectic grouping of labels – Mat Zo’s MAD ZOO and Sub.Terranean rounded out by the most recent inclusion of Electric Hawk Records – the pair have comparatively pushed the pace of releases.

While previous tracks have been more traditionalist in their interweaving of trap, bass, and dubstep ideals, the latest release titled “Vault” takes a much more subdued approach to the soundscape on display. The looming and foreboding reverberations to begin are not atypical, but the composition otherwise deviates from many ideas previously practiced by the duo.

“Vault” provides an admittedly cinematic approach to the trap genre with its pervasively low-tone bass serving as the track’s glue instead of a typically favored percussive foundation. Acrillics have brought a more melodically tight-lipped – er, locked up if you will – intensity to an explosive tune that is as fiendishly motivated as the criminal underworld it symbolizes.

A pre-destined mainstay for trailers and soundtracks of crime dramas, the piece is also impressively listenable with its techno-glitch beat building emphatically but never overpowering the delicacy and stealth of the cross-media conceptualization.

We hope to hear more of these vibes from upcoming Acrillics releases as they are sure to continue the evolutionary trajectory of their sound. How does “Vault” stack up to their previous two singles this year? Let us know which you prefer in the comments!


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