While Liquid Stranger’s label WAKAAN has firmly established itself as a powerhouse of bass music, the diversity in its catalog is undeniable. The latest release, a complex space bass piece lofted by the talents of Lucii and Champagne Drip, surely falls on the diverse side of things if we’re keeping tally.

Teased throughout a number of live sets throughout 2019 – as well as Lucii and WAKAAN’s End of Year Mix – the track has been greatly anticipated by the electronic community at large. The exposure is certainly available with both artists performing at the inaugural WAKAAN Music Festival as well as Lost Lands in 2019 to boot.

The composition of “Me and You,” an aptly-titled, fantastical realization of romance and collaboration, plays out like a top-40 tune, but it spurns every opportunity to deliver a signature drop in favor of delicate, intimate tones.

Featuring a simplistically sublime vocal performance by Lucii, the lyricism and instrumental content feel thematically synonymous with the aforementioned reverie. With wistful synths that feel constantly ascending, the track shuffles pulsating builds, wobbling wubs, and deliberate syncopation seamlessly through the rhythm and tone of its engaging bass. Perhaps emblematic of the dreaminess at-large is the peace with which the track drifts to the finish line – again, betraying its structural ideals to conform to its own ideas of equitable indulgence and harmony.

With “Me and You” resolving a loose end left from the previous year, it’ll hardly be any time at all before Lucii and Champagne Drip dangle another dazzling tune or two before our baby birds of brains. Nevertheless, the latest single has certainly scratched the insatiable itch for the time being.

Which of these two are you most excited to keep up with in 2020? Let us know in the comments, and keep on the lookout for great new music constantly coming out through WAKAAN!


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