Trailing behind his explosive North American tour announcement, Champagne Drip’s highly-anticipated Champagne Trip EPhas touched down over at WAKAAN. Kicking off on August 13th in Fort Lauderdale, Champagne Drip is taking over the States with the support of fellow WAKAAN rising stars DMVU, Jaenga, MIZE, Sully, and VEIL.

Throughout this new EP, listeners can hear the sonic concoctions of diverse textures and rich melodies that Champagne Drip is widely known for. Based out of Los Angeles, Samuel Pool has taken the electronic music industry by storm due to his countless renowned records, multiple headline tours, and appearances at various festivals.

Champagne Drip truly delivered his best of the best on this EP. Kicking off this outstanding piece of work is “Initiate”,  packed with a handful of distortion and deep, heavy kicks. It personally gave me the aesthetic of being back at a festival with all my friends.  The dynamic changes the second “In My Dreamz” begins and we get to hear the signature Champanage Drip sound blended with the soothing vocals of LINNEY.

Switching gears, “Acid Drop” has a quick intro that fills listeners’ ears with acid-like synths leading them to an extraterrestrial drop. Champagne Drip brings the heavy, filthy, gut-punching bass that all of us crave. Teaming up with PIERCE on “Slam,” the duo perfects a static-like bass and beat that will have you moving side to side. Concluding Champagne Trip, “Technosexual” commences with a dark techno beat that lures listeners in. Throughout the continuation of the track’s runtime – he switches from dark grooves to deafening heavyweight sounds that are blended perfectly.

What was your favorite cut off the new EP? Let us know your thoughts on the Champagne Trip EP down below in the comments or on our socials!

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