Drawing from an eclectic blend of genre influences, the 19-year old hailing from Pennsylvania has pumped out numerous hits across a young career. Primarily self-produced from the comfort of his bedroom, pluko has enjoyed success on collaborative ventures recently: his resume racking up credits alongside newcomers & established artists such as Manila KillaNate Traveller, and Nevve in the last two years.

Flipping through his discography, there is something for every electronic fan. Exploring intersections of trap and bass sounds under an umbrella of pop production, it is hardly a wonder how he scored sets on a multitude of upcoming festival bills including CRSSDBUKU, and Hangout FestYet the latest release – “the lovely one” – is a solo venture that demonstrates the depths of pluko’s cross-genre palate of influence.

“the lovely one” is an impressively unique track that toys with potential of ambiance while never shying away from its vivacious core. With a foundation built from a wavering, shimmering, static synth part, the verses build percussively rather than melodically.

The verses of the tune stack layers like a tower of Legos with diversity in color but cohesion at their core, never straying from their simple foundation as the mounting kick and snare beats threaten to push the pace. Exploding out from the muted contrast is an emphatically prismatic arpeggio that carries the chorus on the back of a frantic combination of retro and ethereal sounds – like a dizzying spin on the Fairy Fountain from Legend of Zelda.

Only ever punctuated by familiar but unidentifiable samples – with an apparently automotive theme – the track exudes artistic intent that implies the only thing that could slow down this crash course in overnight stardom is his own volition. As long as he remains in the driver’s seat, rest assured that pluko will keep providing innovative and fresh tunes.

With continued greatness on the horizon, we’ll be sure to keep an ear out for upcoming releases. In the meantime, let us know what you think of “the lovely one” in the comments!


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