After entering into the scene in 2019, rising techno/house artist hollow moon has plenty in store for 2020 and beyond. Gaining traction on SoundCloud with a flip of the RL Grimes X graves crossover as well as a mix released by Electric Hawk, the world is there for the taking for the Salt Lake City native.

Her debut release celestial does a tremendous job of establishing thematic material in both the sound and conceptualization of the project. The EP is comprised of three tracks: “ethereal beauty,” “celestial,” and a cohesive blend of the two in the culminating “celestial – ep mix.”

As intended, the tracks flow seamlessly between each other with persistent but passive percussion pushing the entire release with four-on-the-floor techno beats. Showing the truth in their titles, the fragmented synths scattered throughout are certainly angelic; yet, the record emanates intensity through its dark tone and thick bass.

Revealing of an ironic duality, the nomenclature contrasts literal ethereal and celestial ideals – something that seems too good for this world versus something that never was of this world in the first place. Reflected even more so in the name of the project, hollow moon herself says:

“in astrology, the moon represents our emotions, the personal self, and the unconscious.
the theory of the hollow moon explains that the bright, glowing appearance of the moon
is truly just a cold shell, disguising a vat of emptiness. the hollow moon is a paradox to
the moon’s purpose- that something so deserted to its core is the ruler over our most vulnerable self.”

Keep an ear open for more inspiring techno tunes from hollow moon in the future, and let us know what you think of celestial in the comments!



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