For many longtime fans of the electronica trio from LA, the weekend may have been externally disappointing to find The Glitch Mob canceling their highly anticipated Drink the Sea X Tour. While the celebration of the trio’s legendary album may have been cut short, there is great news to behold:

The Glitch Mob’s penchant for involving technological innovation in their industrial production and performance has never been more on display than their unveiled remaster project. Using Sony’s 360 Reality Audio Technology, the group has promised an immersive launch of their entire discography on May 25.

The Glitch Mob’s latest EP Chemicals – their first since 2015’s Piece of the Indestructible – will serve as the public guinea pig for this digital experience as it is available in 360-sound this month.

Leading with the eponymous “Chemicals,” the EP demonstrates pure versatility from The Glitch Mob. “Chemicals,” lofted by an anonymous vocal performance, is an unusually poppy tune for the group, especially following their three heavy singles in 2019. The anthemic vocals and warm synth tones contrast the typically heavier approach to bass and percussion employed by the trio.

Following is “Take Control” – a piece more in-tune with the sound expected of the group. With faux-brass synths carrying a caustic fanfare above a blaring bass, the song has an undeniable versatile groove for those who want to kick back and those who want to lean in.

Closing out the EP is a wailing banger in “The Stance.” The track is tricky as it explores the process of building by both adding and subtracting layers before exploding into a powerful and resonant hook.

The Glitch Mob leaves this statement with fans as they enjoy Chemicals:

“We hope everyone is staying healthy and centered in this current situation. With the release of this new EP, we have been thinking about how music is medicine and is more important than ever right now. We are going to continue creating and releasing music with the intention to connect us all and to bring some levity to your day.”The Glitch Mob


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