Notixx is an artist who has proved time and time again his ingenuity and production prowess. He’s had releases for some of our favorite labels like Ganja White Night’s Subcarbon Records, and Jantsen’s Kairos Audio. His tracks are played out by some of the biggest names in Bass music — ranging from Rusko to Bassnectar to Caspa to Minnesota to SAYMYNAME.

The man has insane playability and we are ecstatic to have him on board for the next volume of our exclusive guest mix series.

We had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Notixx for an interview to pair with his guest mix jam-packed with unreleased goodness. The humble and kind producer got into his beginnings,  what he’s up to in these stressful times, as well as what else he’s got on tap for 2020. Check out what the bright mind had to say below and be sure to show him love on socials! Tracklist below the interview.

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H: How are you holding up with everything going on? Hope you are staying safe and healthy.

N: I’m dealing with the same struggles most artists are during this time I think. Almost all of my income has disappeared. It’s going to be tough for artists of all types for awhile. I’m staying at home and only leaving for food shopping at the moment. Feeling completely healthy at the moment, and I want others to remain feeling that way as well. I hope everyone is taking this seriously and making the sacrifice now so we can get back to normal life sooner than later.

H: How are you gonna use these next few weeks of social distancing?

N: I hope it’s only a few weeks, but I’m definitely mentally preparing for longer. I’m just going to be spending time working on music and making art. Trying to check in on my family and friends as much as I can. I’ll also be live-streaming a lot 🙂

H: Well, we are very excited for that! What got you started in Production/DJing?

N: I used to play guitar and music has always been something I really enjoyed. I’ve never been much of a “group project” type of person. Being in a band just feels like a constant group project, so when I discovered electronic music, it was like a breath of fresh air. I realized I could do it all myself and spend time getting everything the way I wanted it to be.

I got into production first and foremost. DJing came second, once people started to ask me to play shows. I learned to love DJing just as much as producing music.


H: Who are some of your biggest inspirations? Within the genre or any musicians or really anyone.

N: All my friends that are crushing it in this industry me every day. Adam (Wooli) and Pat (Dirt Monkey) have grown to be HUGE names and I’m so proud of all they have accomplished. It’s inspiring for me to work hard and get to that level as well. Skrillex was one of my biggest inspirations when I first started making tunes on my own. He came from a band background as well, and it really gave me the push I needed to try something different.

H: One of your biggest hits is the track “Massive” alongside Dirt Monkey and Jantsen. How was it working with two of the biggest names in the subgenre?

N: Times were a bit different when we wrote that tune. Both Dirt Monkey and Jantsen are MUCH busier now than they were back then. I was actually on a small tour with Pat (Dirt Monkey) when we started that tune. After, he invited Jantsen to join up on it as well. The combination of our sounds really turned out awesome. I hope we can do another collab sometime 🙂

H: Well, we definitely hope so too. Any upcoming collabs you could tell us about?

N: No collabs solidified at the moment. I’ve been focusing on writing a lot of my own material in the first few months of this year. Hopefully, with the quarantine, I’ll be able to link up with some people for collabs though. Touring artists that are usually busy suddenly have a lot more free time now.

H: What else do you have on tap for 2020?

N: New EP coming in the beginning of May on a label owned by a big name 🙂 that’s all i can say.

H: That is very exciting news and we can’t wait to hear more. Next question. In such a stressful world and time, not even just with coronavirus, what’s a good practice you could share about staying grounded and not letting the pressure of the industry get to you?

N: Just being thankful every day that there’s even a chance I’ll be able to do music stuff as a job keeps me motivated. Trying to limit your social media intake, eating healthy foods, exercise, pursuing creative hobbies and keeping your brain active and informed is important. The music industry can be particularly tough on the brain. Balance is key, and I hope that fans are growing to become more understanding that their favorite artists are just humans too

H: Of the ten times I’ve seen Bassnectar, half of them he’s played one of your tunes. How’s that feel to have the king of Dubstep/Bass music rinsing your tracks?

N: Bassnectar has been extremely supportive of my music, and I can’t thank him enough for helping me to reach new ears. I really appreciate that his fans take the time and energy to recognize that the music he plays isn’t all his own. They tracklist his sets and show respect and appreciation to all the artists that make his live set so incredible. Most fanbases don’t do that, but I really wish they did.

H: What would a dream collab for you be? Any genre of collaborator, feel free to give us a few.

N: G Jones, Bassnectar, Peekaboo, 5am, Zeds Dead. There’s plenty of people I’d love to work on tunes with, but there’s a small list of bigger artists.

H: What’s been the response so far to the new pin you dropped with ThePinCo? Notixx but in the Netflix logo! Very, very fire my friend!

N: I haven’t asked them how sales have been on those, but it isn’t really about that to me. I’ve seen lots of photos/stories/tweets of people rocking them and it makes me happy. That’s what matters 🙂

H: What’s a hobby you have that no one would know about you if you didn’t tell them?

N: I build high powered custom DIY Electric Skateboards as a hobby.

H: That is awesome and I’m super glad I asked that one. To close it out, what’s a message you’d like to send to your fans?

N: Stay safe, stay healthy, and check on your friends and family regularly during these weird times. Support the artists you love anyway you can.

Big thank you to Notixx for sitting down with us! Be sure to support him on socials and Spotify below.

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Notixx – Losing It (UNRELEASED)
Notixx – These Visions (UNRELEASED)
Notixx – The Return (UNRELEASED)
Felmax – Blood Magic
Yheti – Weird Trumpet
Notixx – Let Me Go
Xaebor – Standard
Notixx – Take Cover (UNRELEASED)
PLAVGE – Voltage
Notixx – Mode Select
Notixx x Abstrakt Sonance – Violate
10K – G
Notixx – Make ‘Em All Rock
K-Theory – Summer Nights x Ivy Lab – Orange (Notixx Mashup Edit)
Notixx – Open Up (UNRELEASED)
Krampfhaft – Twin Prime
Notixx – Catch & Release (UNRELEASED)
iBenji – Humpy Mart
Notixx – Re-Up
SLUMBERJACK & TroyBoi – Solid
eugene – stay here
Supertask – Air Gap
Bassnectar x G Jones ft. Lafa Taylor – Mind Tricks (Notixx Remix)
Skrillex – The Reason
Notixx – Superjam



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