Notixx dropped his new project, the Entity EP, through Drama Club Records just in time for 2021. This past year, Notixx headlined HIHF’s first ever Cabin Fever Session and released a HIHF guest mix back in March. In the past, he has collaborated with major producers such as Jantsen and Dirt Monkey, released his Symbiosis EP through Ganja White Night’s SubCarbon Records in August, and released his Catch and Release EP through Drama Club before that back in June.

The Entity EP is a three track feature that feels familiar in style, but separates itself from the pack with pounding rhythms and unique structures. Entity is built around a lumbering bass line that masterfully kicks off this awesome project by introducing the melodic atmosphere the ghastly producer has created.

Magnitude takes a similar approach and focuses on a heavy bass line, yet still manages to feel fresh in my ear thanks to the unique sound design Notixx brings to every release.

Finally, Need You, closes out this EP by uniting both the heavy bass design of the former efforts and Notixx’s production skill with vocals which bounce around in perfect unison with the genre bending track.

This collection gave homage to some of the artists who have paved avenues for Notixx’s career, and the influences were almost palpable as each track felt like so much more than just a song, as if there was something deeper happening I couldn’t see, but could feel through each progression.

I reached out to Notixx to ask about the project and he expressed his strong desire to not only produce tracks but also to tell stories through his music: “This EP gave me a chance to explore a bit of the more melodic side of my sound. While still staying true to the wobbles, I did my best to create a captivating ‘atmosphere’ in each track that allows the listeners to experience more. I want these songs to work in a ‘live show’ setting as a building block for an entire set. I want to be able to use them as tools to tell a story”. Notixx did just what he set out to with this EP and has me on the edge of my seat waiting for shows to come back so I can dive headfirst into his new era of set design.

We are so excited for the next chapter of Notixx’s career, and we can’t wait to hear what comes next. For now, we’ll be keeping the Entity EP on repeat and you can too by checking out the streaming links down below. Let us know which track is your favorite mind boggling creation on our socials or down in the comments!

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