Today, LA-based producer Kompany blessed us with the track “Consequences”, out now via Never Say Die Records. The melodic track features pop singer/songwriter RUNN on vocals and is sure to take us in a new direction from what we’re used to hearing from Kompany. He has recently impressed us with heavy weapons like Chunky with Effin and System Failure with Soltan.

After making a name for herself in EDM by collaborating with some of the genre’s most influential artists including Illenium and Seven Lions, RUNN has finally claimed her true voice as a solo artist and is approaching her work with the sincerity of the music industry’s greatest storytellers. In “Consequences”, RUNN is our vocal escort while a line of plucky keyboards set the tonal mood. The unbearably suspenseful buildup slides us into a composed yet still face-melting drop ruled by whirring low end synths, rumbling bass, and laser-like fills. 

While we love Kompany’s grittier music, this latest project is a very well executed show of diversity. We’re excited to see what else he has up his sleeve! Stream Kompany’s new future bass track “Consequences” below:


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