Rising star producer pluko is back again with another single in anticipation of an upcoming album this summer!

The young artist has created an impressive platform in merely two years of activity: in 2019, he independently released full-length album CLASS XIX and established his own label and collective – Splendid Society.

“higher,” the fourth single in the string of releases, follows suit in pluko’s collaborations with indie singer/songwriters. The latest taps Australian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Panama who delivers a signature breathy vocal performance on the track.

Previous singles “blessings” and “used to” featured artists Nate Traveller and Cassette Tapes, respectively.

The latest release is a perfect pairing with pluko’s damp, reverberating percussion and glistening synths creating a sublime foundation for Panama’s layered vocals. The track varies in dynamics between soft-spoken verses and mainstream hooks, but it maintains an overall understated vibe.

We’re looking forward to the latest full-length release from pluko. Let us know which single you’re enjoying the most in the comments!

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