TYNAN, the Oklahoma based Hybrid Trap artist, has been on a true tear over the past couple years. Recently, he’s performed some massive live stream sets for Global Dance Digital Festival and Home Frequency last week, which was hosted by Monstercat and Brownies & Lemonade. His production game has been on point as well, with huge remixes for SLANDER, Said the SkyPhaseOne and Moody Good.

Today, he released his first single in about two months. The self-released “FMSU” starts off with a dark atmosphere but quickly gets the energy going with a wild lead melody tease into a build. The first drop has the super bouncy Drum and Bass vibes that we all love, while the second drop switches to a thick Halftime beat alongside the same lead teased in the beginning. His ability to bring elements in and out at the perfect time, matched with his impressive sound design, make this track very special.

With every release, TYNAN asserts his position more as one of the most diverse bass artists in the game right now. There are few, if any, sub genres of EDM that he has not produced at an extremely high level. In a world of artists that make similar sounding music, his innovative, versatile skill set is extremely appreciated by us TYNANITES around the world.

Check out TYNAN’s new heater below and be on the lookout for more masterpieces soon!






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