TYNAN is a beloved multi-genre producer who has garnered support and collaborations with some of the biggest names in dance music, ranging from Marshmello to Jauz to Kayzo to Nitti fka Nitti Gritti. He’s penned some of the biggest tracks in dubstep over the years, with certified bangers like “Extraterrestrial,” in collaboration with Kompany, being one of the most played songs of Excision‘s Lost Lands festival year after year.

He is also well known for being one of the most versatile and capable producers in EDM and can masterfully craft any genre he chooses to dabble in. For DnB and halftime, check out his track “FMSU,” it will have your gun fingers out and thrown about before you even know it. For bass house, check out his collaboration with Cyclops and Guilt Chip, “505,” which our team chose as one of its top tracks of 2022. For dubstep, check out his collaboration with Hairitage, “Osiris,” it is one of our favorite tracks to hear live, dropped by heavyweights like Excision and Liquid Stranger in some of their biggest sets.

To start his 2023 off with a bang, TYNAN brings fans another experimental bass house banger titled “Ducks on Acid.” The track is absolutely filthy and serves as a testament to TYNAN’s production prowess. The exhilarating new tune is yet another heater to add to his massive artillery of festival-friendly hits. I could totally see huge house DJs like Fisher dropping “Ducks on Acid” for a sea of house-head, festival attendees.

Here’s what TYNAN had to say about the hilarious story that led to this wonky new track:

“I was walking around a park near my house on a brisk fall morning when I happened across a quaint scene of an elderly man feeding bread crumbs to a paddling of ducks. It was a quiet picturesque moment plucked straight from a hallmark card that felt innocently free from the struggles of day-to-day life. As if this moment lived untouched as a pure representation of peace. Of course, my dumbass brain thought “what if he was feeding those ducks acid?” So I went home and made what that would sound like.” – TYNAN

Truly ridiculous, but thank god he had that thought, or we wouldn’t have this even more ridiculous banger in our playlists!

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